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  1. I would go Lamar Miller as the Jaguars have nothing else to play for at this point. Good luck!
  2. But imagine the points beauty of Luck throwing TD passes to either of them. I would go with Luck. Best of luck (no pun intended).
  3. Interesting read here regarding Damien Williams: https://arrowheadguys.com/2018/12/29/damien-williams-and-the-young-guns-in-the-secondary/
  4. Luck, Conner, Barkley, Jones, Hill, Kittle, and Cook for me.
  5. I pray I am right as I can really use his type of starting production, but I believe he will start and get the majority of the touches. Spencer Ware, questionable tag and all, will probably be relegated to his role he held while Hunt was still on the team (unless he gets hot and William's goes cold).
  6. I'd say ride McGuire. Too many mouths to feed in Philadelphia.
  7. Damien Williams is slotted to start for my team this week.
  8. By just acting normal you too can become a JAG. Ask Justin Hunter.
  9. I would try to get a different RB as Harbaugh has a man crush on Dixon and there is Montgomery there as a potential threat as well. Maybe post what his roster looks like so we can make proper suggestions. Thanks for the help on mine!
  10. Are you concerned at all about playing time for Zeke with the Cowboys not gaining anything by playing their starters along with the history of the team saying they will play week 17 but only having them in for 2 series? That is where I am at right now.
  11. With Conner all but certain to return this week, I would love to see them run out a 2 TE set with him and Vance while Conner is in the backfield.