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  1. You can see the limp. Rain can't be good for the mobility of that ankle, can it?
  2. Read there is a flash flood warning in the area and with the strength they have in rushing the ball is anyone concerned that Baltimore may try to control the time of possession through running it?
  3. Pass-wise, the RBs have been targeted 9 times with KJ getting 5 and McKissic with 2 (game 1) and Ty with 2 (game 2).
  4. So far through two games the Lions have averaged approximately 26 rushes with approximately 14 going to KJ and 12 between CJ, Ty, and McKissic. Minus CJ so stars looking up for Ty.
  5. Raiders breathing a huge sigh of relief. Perhaps Mayock saw this coming down the pipe, hence the fining.
  6. - He gets a carry at 1:58 mark. - Another at 2:14 mark.
  7. Bleacher Report no reporting the NFL is investigating the alleged threatening test message sent by Brown to the woman. Time will tell.
  8. Who is the guy you are citing and what relation doe s he have to the team or A.J. Green? I really hope he was trolling.
  9. I think a lot of people left to go check their rosters for expendable players.
  10. Add Glen from The Walking Dead under that dumpster and you can sell that thing for much dinero!