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  1. As long as Taylor is around, he's definitely droppable. They're gonna treat Eaton with kid gloves ROS. He's gonna get a lot of days off which makes him tough to hold.
  2. Can't believe people were worried about Arenado.
  3. Anyone know if this bum's starting today?
  4. No save opportunity for Atlanta, thanks to Dansby freaking Swanson.
  5. Thanks for the 3 runs this week, Arenado. Great job.
  6. When Machado leaves it's only gonna get worse.
  7. In this world, nothing is certain but death, taxes, and an Adam Eaton injury.
  8. Have Soto as my cuff because Eaton WILL get hurt again.
  9. They should send him down. This bum has no business being on a MLB roster right now.
  10. He's had a nice week. Think he's for real?
  11. Not the sexiest prospect but those ratios are ridiculous.
  12. He'll be alright. I'm not a doctor but I'm on WebMD a lot.
  13. Who's starting him? Which Berrios will show up today? Tune in next week to Dragon Ball Z...
  14. Taking himself out of his own misery.
  15. This is a classic case of “OMG THIS GUY PLAYS HALF HIS GAMES AT COORS FIELD MUST OWN IN ALL LEAGUES" Rotoworld overreaction.
  16. Like I was saying, this guy blows. I don't know what you guys see in him.
  17. His numbers have been all over the place. Are you guys really starting him tonight? You never know what you're gonna get with this guy and most of the time it ain't good.
  18. Jason Heyward homered in his first AB also. Look at him now. *SHUDDERS*
  19. Disgraceful. With Reyes coming up, Flaherty becomes expendable so why don't we just kill the guy's arm while he's up.
  20. Currently at 115 pitches. WTF Matheny.
  21. He looks like he's 4 feet tall. Is it 'cause he's so jacked? Lookin' like Wee Man out there. ?