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  1. I hope Brady has tears his achilles. 1st and 2nd down... must have a grudge against the giants
  2. Bleacher report call is back injury http://bleacherreport.com/post/fantasy-football/519ab7a6-6525-4656-a0cf-de2d3da57da8
  3. I just can’t believe how many tipped balls for ints this week... lot of these receivers never learned you never tip it up because that gives the def a chance to get it
  4. They really have to move forward from Goff... maybe fake an injury? It’s just embarrassing at this point
  5. I was just considering trading up for this guy, yes a down grade with bridgewater, but if you can survive 6 weeks you can turn a 1st or 2nd round rb into one of the elite 4
  6. In the post game grudges said that he was really impressed with his catch and run, and that hes an all around back... exciting days to come hopefully for ppr as well
  7. Sony actually looks like he’s trying to find a soft spot to land by the line of scrimmage
  8. It’d be nice if they hit him with duel eligibility
  9. If Dallas gets the sense of a longer holdout though it might get interesting... maybr not for week 1 but maybe 2-3 games down the line... he’s a firm hold for now, just surprised no one has shown an interest
  10. any chance they go with this guy over pollard if zeke holds out
  11. Almost 19 points in .5 ppr by half time last week... against a good defense, even if he pulls out early you have to play him unless you have 2-3 top 5 rbs options
  12. FYI... Justin Davis also is apparently day to day with injury as per this article... hopefully it’s just a depth signing https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/sports/todd-gurleys-injury-affected-rams-play-calling-reality-might-continue-170830855.html
  13. Offensive coordinator fired... new game plan throw more than one pass to your best receiver BEFORE the start of the 4th quarter.... AH HAAA