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  1. Almost 19 points in .5 ppr by half time last week... against a good defense, even if he pulls out early you have to play him unless you have 2-3 top 5 rbs options
  2. FYI... Justin Davis also is apparently day to day with injury as per this article... hopefully it’s just a depth signing https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/sports/todd-gurleys-injury-affected-rams-play-calling-reality-might-continue-170830855.html
  3. Offensive coordinator fired... new game plan throw more than one pass to your best receiver BEFORE the start of the 4th quarter.... AH HAAA
  4. i feel like i could play for the steelers and be a top ten back <cracks open beer>
  5. i have no idea whats going on tonight with thielen and cousins... it's like kirk came home and found thielens setting on his sleep number bed
  6. wow lots of pats talk... i just came on to complain about thielen being a ghost the first half like the last two games... it's like they have to give them a half headstart before they use him
  7. I don’t understand why they force it to Gabriel In Triple coverage when single coverage with miller and Allen Robinson... when did Gabriel become a guy you have to force it to
  8. From sounds of it, diggs played through the injury for most of the game...best case scenario he plays and does the decoy routine
  9. Diggs not practicing today with rib injury, not sure if this is helps or hurts him but either way he will eat
  10. Looked as though Carr was check down captain... I know that he looked at Seth Roberts on that one long blown coverage, but Carr is playing scared his eyes don’t move past the line of scrimmage in order to get the ball down the field... 95% of his passes were check downs within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage... jordy was rage dropped for Sutton this morning
  11. i like how yahoo still has him projected for 4 pts this week in .5 ppr... get witt it bruh
  12. Derek Anderson just got hurt... the stars are aligned for a Nathan peterman showing next week ?
  13. Didn’t see much of the game as I only caught clips on red zone... looked as though he was half fast running a few of the routes, not sure if he was designated decoy this week or he was hurting... with the amount of money they spent to get this guy I just can’t believe that they want to work him out of the game plan... he’s a hold for at least another week or two