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  1. So much depends on Lewis's knee. He was a shadow of himself last year. That pre-injury form comes back he's the best back on the team in this offense imo
  2. I was at that game. Coldest I've ever been
  3. What's Osweiler's contract situation? Can the cut him or afford them both? What a bust
  4. I'd rather my team walk away from the 1st round with Johnathan Allen and Jordan Howard than just Leonard Fournette. I know in your example you had Howard returning a 2nd rounder but I just don't see that happening in today's NFL.
  5. Why in the world would the bears trade away a good young RB just to draft an unproven RB at the top 1st that'll cost them 5x more $? I was confused with your post when you suggested it.
  6. A high second round draft pick or a pro bowler on a rookie deal for Jordan Howard? Fantasy land.
  7. No one trades 2nd rounders for an RB.
  8. I know that's just a lil hyperbole but... Aaron Rodgers makes ridiculous plays that Brady could not. No other QB for that matter. However, I'll take Brady and Manning and their pre snap reads every day of the week over the circus plays. I know Rodgers can read a defense, but Brady is on a whole other level. IMO of course
  9. That their wives are wearing the pants
  10. Got a bad feeling Law doesn't make it.
  11. Haha! Pats outscored them 31-0 to close out the super bowl. You can go kick rocks
  12. The falcons only had 12 offensive plays after going up 28-3 (not including punts or the last drive with 50 seconds on the clock). They ran on a third of them.
  13. Click bait title bro. Why would it end football? Here, sign this waiver and let's play. Problem solved.
  14. Lol, I love this thread.