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  1. And my uncle has it at 43%. They're guessing like the rest of us.
  2. Shut up and take my money 🤣 I'll be a sucker for Fournette and there prob wont be anything I can do about it
  3. Flowers is a very good player. I don't hate the signing from the Lions perspective. The Pats will miss him for sure.
  4. So is this a save face move for Witten?
  5. You've been whining about the Pats for years. Opinion discarded.
  6. Would love to see this guy in a Pats uni but 0% chance they spend the money
  7. Reset the market? In what world would this happen? Teams dont value the position like the old days and I dont see that changing moving forward regardless of Bell.
  8. Please note, I am not disparaging the viewpoint the playing field needs to be kept level and PEDs are a form of cheating. Call me cynical but with the amount of money on the line these days I'm doing everything and anything to make the cut if I'm in their shoes. Also at this point every team has steroid guys. Stones and glass houses
  9. PED's aren't a big deal to me anymore. I'm burnt out with it. Makes me think of Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds huge mellon head, and sanctimonious baseball records. Edelman's mistake was getting caught.
  10. Great troll post. Pro football is the one sport you better be juicing or there's something wrong with you. Well, pro wrestling too I guess.
  11. I expect the Pats will continue playing a run first offense with their 22 personel on the field. Brady is a middle of the pack 2nd tier option at this point in his career.
  12. Force feeding a player a la "the Randy ratio" doesn't seem like the key ingredient to a dynamic offense. If Rosen isn't commanding any respect from opposing defenses DJ will find himself in the same position as last season.
  13. It'll still be a crap offense. How hard will it be to key on one guy? It will need to feel like a bargain before I pull the trigger