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  1. Not freak fries!
  2. With the Jets he could be their RB1, WR1, and their QB1.
  3. Of course they do. Add the 13.3% onto federal and FICA and your tax burden will be over 50%.
  4. 18 tds left the offense and you're suggesting Gronk is a reach at 2/3. Btw, 6pt passing TDs is standard? Hate that.
  5. To each his own. I wait on QB. Gronk is looking more and more like my WR1 in that spot.
  6. You can say that about most players going at the 2-3 elbow. I'd prefer to pair Gronk up with best available WR and grab a QB later.
  7. BB doesn't let Gronk play in preseason games healthy or otherwise. It's literally been like 4 or 5 years since he has.
  8. I've always felt the reluctance of some to draft a Pats RB was overblown as there has been tremendous value through the years. This season is different for me. No idea what to expect and I will probably avoid.
  9. So much depends on Lewis's knee. He was a shadow of himself last year. That pre-injury form comes back he's the best back on the team in this offense imo
  10. I was at that game. Coldest I've ever been
  11. What's Osweiler's contract situation? Can the cut him or afford them both? What a bust
  12. I'd rather my team walk away from the 1st round with Johnathan Allen and Jordan Howard than just Leonard Fournette. I know in your example you had Howard returning a 2nd rounder but I just don't see that happening in today's NFL.
  13. Why in the world would the bears trade away a good young RB just to draft an unproven RB at the top 1st that'll cost them 5x more $? I was confused with your post when you suggested it.
  14. A high second round draft pick or a pro bowler on a rookie deal for Jordan Howard? Fantasy land.
  15. No one trades 2nd rounders for an RB.