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  1. So I'm starting Bryant in one league and Lutz in another, but should have the win in both of those relatively comfortably. In my third league I have the choice between the two. It is projected about even but I have Matt Ryan and whichever kicker I choose vs Freeman. Pretty much a coin flip but who do you plug in your lineup in my situation?
  2. Is yahoo over scoring this guy right now? He has 41.5 there but 35.5 in ESPN and by my count 35.5 seems accurate (0.5 PPR). Trying to figure out if I have a 40% or 60% chance to take home a W tomorrow night
  3. Diggs v Car Marvin Jones v GB Ware v NYJ CMike v SF leaning either Diggs or CMike but pretty torn
  4. BUMP I realized I can also drop Gates with the news he could possibly miss 3 weeks and the fact I got Pitta on the wire. So for team 1 I can drop either Gates, Moncrief, Dorsett, Wallace, Langford, or Dwayne Washington. All are options are RB4/WR5 at best on my team.
  5. McCoy and Riddick
  6. Henry over Coleman for me
  7. My reasoning wasn't that he comes back later. My reasoning is that Coleman could be a future star (so could Moncrief), and I'm not confident Lewis will ever be a good fantasy option again. He was a journeyman before Brady decided to check down to him all the time last season. Yeah he could maybe bounce back and become a RB2 next year at best, but Coleman and Moncrief each have WR1-2 upside for the next 5 years.
  8. LeSean McCoy vs Ari Jordan Matthews vs Pit Marvin Jones vs GB DeVante Parker vs Cle Sterling Shepard vs Was Honestly leaning towards the top 3 receivers, picking Parker over McCoy because of their respective matchups. I see an argument here for Shepard too as Norman covers OBJ.
  9. I'd drop Lewis and it's not particularly close.