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  1. Who to start - WHIR

    Crabtree, JuJu, Lee
  2. Rank Big Ben, Cousins, Mariota (WHIR)

    Bump. Leaning towards starting Cousins over Ben, and Ben over Mariota
  3. Accept it ??? (WHIR 100%)

    I would do this for sure.
  4. Best QB Flier ROS? WHIR

    Waste of a roster spot, but if you're stubborn enough to do this and there are zero backup RBs or WR fliers, I guess go Peterman for this week since he will actually play. If he flops, make the switch to Teddy.
  5. Who do I start? Crazy tough. WHIR

    I'd go Parker, but they are all very close
  6. Big Ben vs Titans Cousins vs NO Mariota vs Pitt Have Big Ben in two leagues with Cousins and Mariota as my alternate in one league each. Who to roll out this week in each league? WHIR with link
  7. My team below, this is 0.5 PPR. I start 2WR, 2RB, 1 Flex, 1 TE QB: BigBen (RIP Watson) RB: Gordon, Freeman, Collins, TyMont, TColeman WR: Hopkins, Diggs, Hogan, Benjamin, Gordon, Doctson TE: Ertz, Engram So obviously I have Ertz so Engram is a flex option for me. However, based on the rest of my team, he may actually be a better flex option than Aaron Jones or Corey Davis, and I doubt I'd ever use 2 of those guys at once based on the rest of my roster. What do you guys think?
  8. Corey Davis?!

    ^ Engram has had his bye. That being said I'd drop Ginn before Henry.
  9. Davis was dropped this week for some reason. Here is my roster. 0.5 PPR, Start 2RB 2WR 1Flex. I'm 7-1 so a lock for playoffs which are week 13-16 for me. QB: Watson, Winston RB: Gordon, Freeman, Collins, Coleman, Montgomery WR: Hopkins, Diggs, Hogan, Benjamin, Richardson, Gordon TE: Ertz, Engram Bolded who I'm leaning towards. I'd never bench Watson for Winston at this point but the insurance policy in case of injury is nice, also Watson faces Jax Week 15 so if he stutters before then the outlook could possibly change. Other QBs available: Big Ben, Goff, Eli, Dalton, Brissett, Keenum. Montgomery I'm hesitant to let go. I drafted him, then after his demotion flipped him for Tevin to the Jones owner (handcuff swap). Jones owner had to drop him, and I got him back on waivers. Will be instantly added as cuff if dropped. Kind of want to see how this looks coming off the bye. Paul Richardson has been really solid this year displaying a surprisingly high floor and would be a starter for me this week (although I don't need the win) I've been a long time Gordon proponent so would feel ridiculous if he comes back to smite me in the playoffs. Thoughts? WHIR with link
  10. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    If you play in a weekly league the play is to bench him for 1 more week right?
  11. Austin Ekeler 2017 Season Outlook

    As a Henry owner in 60% of my leagues, would strongly disagree with these people parroting the "Henry is a league winner" angle everywhere. It completely depends on your situation. If you have a strong record and stacked team where you're basically coasting to the playoffs with Melvin, you absolutely handcuff him. If he goes down, Ekeler is at worst an RB2. Now if your team is still a competitor but you look at some other teams in the league and they are much stronger, then it makes sense to swing for the fences and go for Henry, because in that case a Melvin injury probably dooms you anyways, and the upside of having Henry come in as an RB2 or flex could push your team over the edge into contender status.
  12. Trade Help Please! Quick one... WHIR

    Hard to say without seeing the rest of your team. I'd include what WR and RB you'd have in front of Hogan and Martin options Overall, I think you win in terms of value
  13. Hopkins vs Sea Hogan vs LAC Benjamin vs TB Diggs vs Cle Who do I bench? WHIR with link