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  1. Give 2 of Henry/AP/Kerryon, Get Fournette (0.5 PPR)

    One more bump
  2. I'm 3-1 with RBs of Saquon, AP, Kerryon, and Henry. A 1-3 team with Fournette needs to win, and has offered me him for any of these 2. I think this is probably a good deal for me. Should I do it? And obviously I'll choose to include Henry but should I keep AP or Kerryon?
  3. 2018 Overall Rankings

    Is it me or are these rankings completely terrible? His name is Stefon Diggs btw.
  4. 2018 Draft Strategy

    So you're somehow going to draft at the back of the 1st early 2nd and then again at the back of the 2nd early 3rd? I imagine most draft strategies would look good under that scenario. If you actually meant late 3rd early 4th, no chance Freeman or Howard are there.
  5. Gordon or Shepard - WHIR

  6. Which Defense? Pitt, Denver, Chi, KC

    Any more opinions?
  7. FLEX advice (Again)

    Bibbs if Perine doesn't play
  8. 0.5 PPR: Thielen or AJ Green (WHIR)

    Close but Theilen
  9. Championship Week FLEX HELP WHIR

    Bibbs assuming Perine sits
  10. Crabtree and Gordon
  11. Starting 1, Diggs or Shepard

    Close but I'd go Shep. Help with my Diggs decision: