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  1. Winston, Marshall, Kelley
  2. This
  3. Cardinals @ Miami Falcons @ Los Angeles Chargers @ Carolina Redskins @ Philadelphia Titans vs Denver Colts vs Houston Panthers vs San Diego Jets @ SF Niners vs NYJ Jaguars vs Vikings Currently ordered there in the rank I have them, but debating pretty heavily between the top 4 and open to more opinions
  4. Baldwin because of health
  5. I'd bench Riddick barely over Hill
  6. Hill, Murray, Rawls
  7. Martin Bennett Tyreek Ravens
  8. Any more opinions? A bit surprised this was so one sided
  9. Any more opinions on this? WHIR
  10. As you saw in mine facing a similar decision. I think you go Booker for floor here or Watkins for ceiling, depending what you need. I'd probably lean Booker.
  11. 0.5 PPR, have Cooper and Ware locked in as WR1 and RB1, and already started Diggs at WR2. Need a RB and Flex: Lamar Miller vs GB Devontae Booker vs Jax Rashad Jennings vs Pit Donte Moncrief vs NYJ Allen Robinson vs Den Sammy Watkins vs Oak Currently have Miller and Moncrief going, make any changes?