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  1. Would not surprise me in the least if he went like 11 catches for 60 yards this week with no Marvin Jones, maybe 2 rushes for 8 yards or something. Carolina will likely put all their effort into stopping the run and double teaming Golladay with the other receivers being complete trash. 

  2. Some of the opinions expressed in the blurbs are idiotic, but in terms of typos and simple mistakes it's annoying but probably inevitable when you consider the amount of content they pump out. It seems like the site is constantly posting player updates all day long, even for obscure guys nobody gives a crap about

    Somebody cares, like the 1% of people that play IDP leagues which is sad, IDPs should be way more used.

    Truthfully you rarely see blurbs on defensive players, Lavonte David had like 8.5 tackles, a sack, 2 interceptions for 57 yards this past week and it still wasn't blurb worthy.

    Not that it concerns me, as the blurbs you do see are sometimes infuriatingly bad (see: the Poluszny as worst mike linebacker blurb)