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  1. This article is dated today (this evening actually), says they're not gonna manipulate his service time. https://nypost.com/2019/03/25/pete-alonso-is-ready-for-the-good-kind-of-crying/
  2. That's what I'm thinking, you have to take advantage of it, especially if you know the other ppl in league will generally follow those rankings.
  3. Just now realizing how bad ESPN's site is. They completely changed it, but it has the feel of a simplification, not an upgrade. A few things I've noticed off the bat: for players with multi-position eligibility, you have NO control over where they go when drafting, ESPN just puts them in their primary position and you can't change it. its difficult to tell players with breaking news, and when you display the news there's no ability to sort it chronologically. the fantasycast used to launch in a different browser app- now its just another browser page, and yours and your opponents team are not displayed side-by-side for quick comparisons ,but on top of each other so you have to scroll down to see what's going on. These are just the things I've noticed over the past day, i'm sure there's more. If ESPN wants out of the fantasy hosting business they're gonna get their wish, our baseball and football league is switching platforms next season.
  4. ESPN had him listed at 101 and I got him at 99th overall. The disparities in rankings for different sites is very odd.
  5. I'm calling it that because I waited so long to get 1B/CI. Got speed covered. Should be ok with power. C Ramos 1B: Voit 2B: Cano SS: Baez 3B: Devers MI: Mondesi CI: Alonso OF: Hoskins OF: Puig OF: Cutch OF: Betts OF: Eloy UT: JB jr P: Cole P: Buehler P: Flaherty P: Clevinger P: Bieber P: R. Lopez RP: LeClerc, Doolittle, Hicks, Holland (thanks RW forums!) Bench: Woodruff, Lucchesi, Freeland,
  6. Grabbed them with 162/182. Let the rakage begin....
  7. with what overall picks? I'm curious. Oh, sorry....... CSB.
  8. I'm hearing lots of good things about Murphy this year, might take him over Segura. But if there's only those closers available, take Diaz ovr both.
  9. That's what i'm considering too. For this shortened week though Rays play 4 times instead of Yanks 3 (they both potentially bat leadoff).
  10. Deep league, have Kiermaier starting currently but they're ranked very close.
  11. Any reason to be concerned about this sore shoulder?
  12. 2?! Who are you bribing??! To get that kinda love on these boards... I'm just glad its over (looks to be over anyways....kinda). Current Hampson owner, will try to pick up McMahon in future draft. Was aggravating in early draft when I stumbled across Hampson, the articles I quickly googled said he was the man at the keystone; McMahon was supposed to be 3rd baseman. SB galore, some power...thought I found the proverbial lottery ticket. I guess I didn't read close enough or missed the articles that said it was a competition. I guess we'll see exactly how the Rockies divide it up.
  13. So Hampson will have some type of super utility role to start the season? MI + OF when starters rest or PH?
  14. Another dinger. Dude is one fire! 🔥🔥🔥