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  1. Any reason why the Brewers would use Woodruff as a pinch hitter? Did I miss something- was he demoted to relief?
  2. he pitching in relief today? did i miss something?
  3. Why'd they pull him after 3.2?
  4. lol yeah pretty much. RUNS! Happy?!
  5. How do the White Sox score 10 points and somehow Eloy navigates around all that?!? Earn that contract already and get your head right!
  6. Wilson Ramos has been money so far. No dingers, but gotta love that AVG and regular counting stats. He's been turning in plenty of value relative to where you likely drafted him.
  7. Wish this Hampson thing would start already. Dude's 1/17, no HR and no SB. He's played in every game since Mar 29th and started the last three, so saying he's getting no regular PT is wearing a little thin.
  8. you just beat me to the thread. Feel for the Turner owners here, but as a Kiaboom lottery ticket holder you could be in store for an unexpected promotion.
  9. Yeah he had a great 1st game, but been kinda silent since.
  10. comeon Nimmo, shake that rust off already.
  11. Yeah it just says that everyone is not the in starting lineup...until the game actually starts, then that little icon goes away. I'm also getting clugey scores when I go the FantasyCast screen. Sometimes its counting the current days stats, sometimes it doesn't. Not even refreshing the screen fixes it. Been with ESPN since 2012, but we're definitely switching platforms starting with FF later this year.
  12. yeah I saw that too, he was chasing alot of sliders, but like you said it was Scherzer so I'm gonna give him a pass, Scherzer and deGrom were both dealing today.
  13. Voit 1/1, HR, 2BB today....1.000 OBP ROY, you heard it hear first.
  14. Ended up dropping Lopez for Paddock! Someone else snagged Tatis off the wire, but I dropped JBjr for McMahon, we'll see how that one goes.
  15. welcome to the big boy board Pete!