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  1. Joe Mixon 2018 Outlook

    This guy has been hyped so hard since day 1. dudes came in here saying he was basically Bell
  2. Michael Thomas 2018 Outlook

    Lol the debate wasn't whether people fall off the cliff. the debate was if someone regressed last season and they are of that age and they are going to further "regress" the following season -- were not really having a conversation about regression -- were having a conversation about an end of a career... far larger implications
  3. Michael Thomas 2018 Outlook

    On that point anyhow: there's a large group claiming SAints are due for a regression back to the mean
  4. Michael Thomas 2018 Outlook

    Ya, Iike, further regression would mean his career was pretty much over. "this is the year Brees is no longer a starting QB" In which case, Thomas might not be so great
  5. Michael Thomas 2018 Outlook

    hm... so MORE regression? Brees only had 23 TD last year.
  6. Michael Thomas 2018 Outlook

    Damn Thomas wins floor and ceiling over Allen? Hmmmm....... not sure...
  7. IDP player Strategy

    I'm not seeing any hybrids on CBS. Someone correct me
  8. Marvin Jones 2018 Outlook

    Round 5 is crazy for Marvin.
  9. Most improved defenses 2018

    lol. can we drudge up the post that compiled all of Axe Elf's terrible predictions that he preached for an entire off season only to disappear afterward
  10. Looking for commissioners with Point per 1st down leagues

    Ha, ya. dissatisfaction with artificial value in skill position is a generational tendency. FF should always be working to mirror football in terms of valuing critical players. PP1D is a step into that direction. signed, a millenial lolololnothingworthsaying
  11. Looking for commissioners with Point per 1st down leagues

    Thanks. Is he on here?
  12. Looking for commissioners with Point per 1st down leagues

    We're moving away from PPR. It makes little sense, especially when including IDP. Hard to justify why a dude w/ three sacks, FF, numerous tackles/TFL can barely out score a receiver who catches 12 balls for some chuck yardage that really has no impact on the game
  13. Looking to convert my league from IDP/PPR to a PP1D/IDP. Wanted to see a general scoring scheme Thanks
  14. ESPN player acquisitions during a BYE

    Only an insane league would argue otherwise.
  15. Michael Beasley 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Am I misunderstanding Roto blurb? He is starting at C -- or front court w/ Kanter