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  1. Such a strange way to kick off a pump-post COOK HAS A BLOWN ACL. WTF???????????????
  2. Still starts? wtf... do do you guys watch basketball? think the Raptors are going to alter their whole philosophy and roll out Ibaka with Gasol. God that would be a comparative mess
  3. Yea, I wasn't really disputing your post. Barton clearly a leg up this year given Harris' injury trouble.
  4. Harris is the better player -- even this year. He's just had a string of bad luck. Guy has made tremendous strides in all facets of the game and still has room to grow. Barton is what he is -- and all qualities augmented by tremendous motor/quickness. They both very fun to watch IRL, but if Denver had to make a decision between the two (god forbid), it wouldn't take any time to decide.
  5. QB: Can go Luck/Cousins -- or pick up a streamer. Seems crazy though -- Luck just doesn't have a great match up in terms of possible script RB: Gurley in IR -- So: Cook, CJA, Mixon, McGuire WR: Keenan, Robby, Jordy, M Thomas Currently: Luck Mixon McGuire Keenan Jordy Flex Cook I can drop Michael -- best options for WR on wire would be DJ Moore/Sutton/Sanu/Crowder Bourne For RB I am really only set on Mixon -- can't figure out if CJA was a fluke/if Cook will do anything @ home v. Bears/McGuire will have any room to run if Pats take away Robby For WR it really just comes down to figuring Carr will throw more to Jordy than Darnold will get to throw to Robby. it is a soft PPR/PP1D league
  6. Hm Leonard recovers a blocked punt but not TD — is that a fumble recovery or what. ESPN shows nothing
  7. They are at home in must win not a sit in any capacity
  8. If you think Fournette has success then Jags D is good to go
  9. PSA: Bills have had bad defensive games in good spots. They won’t have McCoy and their QB is still a rookie. Weather won’t be a factor. Lions are down star personnel — but, they have a lot of “next man up” personnel playing to impress Patricia. if you have a stud defense, they are a stud defense.
  10. I can’t watch Jackson run. Guy is going to juke his way to a patellar dislocation
  11. Again, this is really the truest assessment of Vonleh. I still maintain it is hard to argue that he got "ample" opportunity in P-Land when he was ceding minutes to a player like M. Leonard. Fizdale has a proven track record with players who more or less mirror Vonleh -- all pedigrees aside.
  12. Ha, ya PLENTY of opportunity? Yikes -I think he was sub 18 minutes every year in Portland. The guy was 20 when he got there with all the physical tools required. -Ceded minutes to Meyers Leonard. Meyers Leonard. -Portland definitely thought they were contenders and development clearly took a back seat (aminu is great, but his ceiling is/was nowhere near Vonleh's) -Vonleh has always demonstrated commitment to both ends of the floor. Good defensive ability/could be a better blocker Any way, I guess if you view him as having ample opportunity -- that's fine. There were legit arguments for him to get more playing time while he was there -- only amplified when Leonard was exposed and Vonleh left stagnant at 21yrs old Reasons optimism: -If Fizdale is for real, he has a pretty good track record with bigs similar to Vonleh like Bosh and Gasol.
  13. This guy was adored coming out of college onto the Blazers -- they just never gave him much run. Only 23 -- he has most of the tools to be good and has improved... We'll see how he sustains himself and whether or not Fiz settles down -- if only a little.