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  1. My moneys on Swarzak and Festa in the Seattle pen, in that order. I think Swarzak will get the chance to run with it, but Festa looked good today and put up some pretty dang good numbers in the minors.
  2. McCutchen with an absolute bomb
  3. I was just confused by the poster above me, wasn’t sure if I missed something. Thanks
  4. Did the Rockies officially announce McMahon as opening 2b? I may have missed it, but definitively declaring McMahon starting 2b is putting the cart before the horse a little bit, no? FTR, I don’t care either way how this shakes out. Just trying to put all the pieces together.
  5. Sleeper and the Bust used to be the best bar none, imo. Paul and Eno were really great together. I just can’t do it anymore with Justin though. Maybe it’s just me, but he comes across as condescending, argumentative just for the hell of it, and will freely gloat on his correct calls and completely bury his many incorrect takes. I know replacing Eno can’t be easy, but man. Paul and Nick Pollack on the weekly fireside chat still brings the heat though. Love how they dig into pitching. For prospect hounds, the Razzball Prospect Podcast is a good source. TINO was good, but they haven’t had an episode out in a while; not sure what happened with them. Scott White is still awful
  6. As someone who drafted JG this year...y’all are delusional if you think this dudes gonna return value this year. If you love someone...sometimes you have to let them go. What a wasted draft pick.
  7. I’ll attempt to bring some semblance of common sense into this thread. Field conditions are going to be wet and soggy, Gordon just got over his hamstring injury, and it’s Week 1. Gordon being on a snap count is probably not the worst idea. If you have something safer, play that player this week. For example, I’m starting Carson over him, where I know (hope) Carson will at least get snaps. Again, it’s Week 1. Last thing we want is for Gordon to go out there and get reinjured after a shortened training camp and a hamstring injury.
  8. Just to refresh everyone’s memory... In 2016, DJ had 293 attempts for 1293 yards and 16 TDs.. He also had 80 receptions for 879 yards and 4 TDs. Those are absolutely stupid numbers. DJ is the best receiving back in football. Don’t overthink this. Assuming health (which is the case with anyone), DJ is in play to be the overall RB1. If he’s there at pick 3 I’m gladly taking him.
  9. I drafted him in a deeper dynasty league after reading about him from Eno Sarris for an article he did for The Athletic. At the time I thought he’d be a starter...but he’s been pitching well when given the chance this year. Former top prospect, good home park, and with Lyles being scratched with forearm tightness, could be something here ros.
  10. Is anyone else having trouble watching mlb app on their ps4?
  11. Apologize if this has been asked already, haven’t looked through the whole thread. What about either one of the TB Pitchers that are potentially going to be called up soon. From stat scouting looks like Yarbrough has higher K potential while Chirinos may have safer floor with lower BB%. Either one of these worth the add in dynasty?
  12. I hope the devil rays sign him
  13. Just to confirm, I am still having trouble going to the last unread post. Every time I click on a thread, even if ibe already ready through it on mobile, I get sent to the 1st page. I just tried it on this thread and yep, 1st page. Anyone else till having this problem?
  14. Overall I don't mind it, I like the cleaner black and white look compared to the blue/white old mobile site. Only complaints are that I need to be taken to the last post I previously read when I click on a players page, and to be able to see who likes posts. Also the quote function needs to be cleaned up a little bit to make it cleaner looking. But yeah, full faith it'll be sorted out eventually. It's only be online for a couple hours now.
  15. been playing the true detective season 2 trailer on repeat lately. that song though! also been jamming to some ryan bingham recently, really digging his new album. i'd post a youtube video but don't know how.