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  1. Westbrook + Jimmy will be a disaster. I'm a Heat fan and praying we don't get Westbrook.
  2. Why would you go with data that's weighted heavily by a different stage of his career than the more recent data of the past 2 seasons which is more relevant and already a huge sample size on its own? Makes absolutely no sense.
  3. How much does Gasol's role/value increase in Toronto if Kawhi doesn't resign. Thoughts?
  4. KCP and Rondo are free agents right now and the Lakers have a ton of money to spend with a good free agency market. What are you talking about?
  5. Which free agent signed with the Lakers? All I've heard about so far is the Anthony Davis trade.
  6. Is Alex Caruso a first rounder next year, or more of a second rounder?
  7. I made that move. Happy with the results so far.
  8. Are we expecting him to play on Saturday?