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  1. This late in the season and playoffs already locked up? Definitely. Keep him off any other playoff roster. Doing the same thing with Butker in my league. Was targeting Greg but the owner decided to go 2 kickers instead Of dropping him
  2. Greg the leg and Butker are on the bye causing some owners to drop them. If you can roster them during a bye, not a bad idea to pick either of them up for the playoffs
  3. Go with the homerun with Sutton. Otherwise John Brown or Chris Carson should be safe plays
  4. All my other guys are on a bye, need help picking another WR in PPR league with Allen Robinson out. Will be 1 week option only choices Anthony Miller - bears martivus bryant - Oakland Kearse - jets courtney Sutton - broncos kelvin Benjamin - bills seth Roberts - Oakland Callaway - Browns meredith - saints
  5. I was down 40. He had M. Sanu and Evan Engram tonight. I had Matt Ryan, Sterling Sheppard and Tevin Coleman
  6. It’s PPR and Keeper league. Who do you pick between Keke Coutee and Nick Chubb? I like the targets that Coutee has and my WR aren’t that strong. Nick Chubb might not play a ton until later in year but he could really break out and would be nice keeper option. rest of team QB - Matt Ryan, joe flacco WR - TY Hilton, Allen Robinson, sterling Sheppard, Corey Davis, Calvin Ridley, (keke coutee) RB - Todd Gurley, Aaron Jones, James Conner, Tevin Coleman k - josh lambo def - Jacksonville, Chicago
  7. Watch him clean up and go on to have a HOF career now for New England. Just like Bellichek did leaving the Browns. Wouldn't that be something
  8. Hurricane Florence impacting any games? Storms anywhere this week?
  9. Some rough options allen robinson corey davis dede westbrook brandon marshall sterling sheppard
  10. Got to keep 1 (outside top 3 rounds) QB (1) - Matt Ryan WR (3) - TY Hilton, Allen Robinson, Corey Davis, Sterling Sheppard, Dede Westbrook, Christian Kirk RB (2) - Todd Gurley, Tevin Coleman, Ty Montgomery, Aaron Jones, James Conner, Bilil Powell Flex (1) - See above TE (1) - Travis Kelse K (1) - Boswell DEF (1) - Jacksonsville
  11. Upside Conner. Morris is “safer” though. I’m in a ppr league. Picked up Morris recently. Just dropped him for Conner. I really only need the RB2 until week 3 so I went for the upside
  12. He wasn't even drafted in my 12 team ppr league last week
  13. Took him in the 13th round to pair him with Aaron jones. Would love to see him get more work in the slot this year in ppr league
  14. 1 QB, 3 WR, 2RB 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 Kicker, 1 DEF 1. RB - Todd Gurley 2. TE - Travis Kelce 3. WR - TY Hilton 4. WR - Allen Robinson 5. WR - Corey Davis 6. WR - Sterling Sheppard 7. RB - Aaron Jones 8. DEF - Jacksonville 9. QB - Matt Ryan 10. WR - Dede Westbrook 11. WR - Calvin Ridley 12. RB - Ty Montgomery 13. RB - Bilal Powell 14. K - Boswell 15. WR - Christian Kirk 16. Keeper - RB Tevin Coleman
  15. I got 7 WR. Perhaps drop Calvin Ridley flyer for Connor
  16. Start 2 RB. I needed RBs badly at the end of the draft so I just started grabbing them. Now I’m debating dropping Bilal Powell for higher upside in James Connor. Let me know what you think. My other RBs are Todd Gurley, Tevin Coleman, Aaron Jones and Ty Montgomery
  17. Spray and pray worked a little better with Dede. And I was mad I missed on Lee!
  18. 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 D QB - Matt Ryan WR - TY Hilton, Allen Robinson, Corey Davis, Sterling Sheppard, Dede Westbrook, Christian Kirk, Calvin Ridley RB - Todd Gurley, Aaron Jones, Ty Montgomery, Tevin Coleman, Bilal Powell TE - Travis Kelce K - Boswell DEF - Jacksonville. Obviously I went with the spray and pray method at WR and RB. Punted on QB
  19. Who do you like here? Crazy to grab Zeke over Gurley?
  20. Please help I need to pick within 2 hours
  21. 1 Keeper per team. Cant keep guys in the top 3 rounds (that eliminated 5-6 of my players)
  22. PPR League... Can't keep picks from the first several rounds last year so unfortunately a lot of my guess don't qualify (trades last year) My Options are: WR: Cooper Kupp WR: Robert Woods WR: Sterling Sheppard TE: Evan Engram RB: Tevin Coleman DEF: Jacksonville Who would you draft and why?
  23. I had Wentz and Rodgers. Looks like I’ll be firing up Bortles for the championship week