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  1. Who would you Drop for BroLo?

    Bjelica but swing a 2 for 1 quickly since Laurii is close to return and dropping one of your guys would be a shame
  2. Dunn or Teague? WHIR

    Teague for sure....
  3. Accept this whir

    LMA and siakam
  4. If you don't need rebs and you are fine with bad % I'd drop Aminu, Cedi isn't very good since he's a hit or miss every game and has bad FG% but still got more upside than Aminu.... def don't drop Siakam, locked in as a starter and he doesn't hurt you anywhere

    Beal... Bledsoe is the 3rd option in Milwaukee, I like Beal more, plus Wall has injury history so he can go down
  6. Trae young v horford

    Horford easy, sure he won’t score as much but way better % better rebs/blk can hit 3s and also gives you ast
  7. Dragic for McCollum trade?

    He can give me Bledsoe instead of CJ but I prefer CJ.... what if I try to include Nance or Randle from his side and I include K.Anderson from my side CJ+Nance/Randle for Dragic+Anderson? i can use 1 more C and Kyle is really pissing me off (he can turn things around I know but he has 2 more weeks then I’d cut him)
  8. 10 teams H2H 9 cat + a/to, DD and 3% he’s offering CJ McCollum for my Dragic CJ seems off the a slow start for his standards... Dragic has been solid as always tempted to take it
  9. Free Agent Ranking (WHIR)

    Love is out so Nance is a hold to see what he can do.... Unless I'm in your league with an high waiver priority don't ever drop JJJ, if I am, well go ahead and gift him to me RHJ is the best FA out of the group, but for now I'd hold what you got
  10. 12 teams H2H standard 9 cat I own Evans while Collison was dropped last week, in his last 2 he seems pretty decent should I make the switch?
  11. Lol wtf are you thinking about? You accept and also taunt the noob that sent the offer WCJ will be better as the season goes by
  12. Move on from Osman and Bagley?

    I'd drop Jones for Danny Green ASAP.... if you have a IR spot you can drop Osman for Barton and then pick up Crowder..... hold Bagley is doing good plus he's a rookie he'll start on the 2nd half of the season
  13. Irving for McCollum? WHIR

    Hold Kyre
  14. I'd go for it... sure Love is a risk but DJ is playing well above his standard right now so he's a sell high