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  1. 14 teams Dyansty 9 cat on ESPN 18 keepers + 4 rounds draft Guy is trading me his K.Love for my J.Valanciunas and Zhaire Smith Smith has potential but he's stuck in Philly (and I'm not planning on keeping him), JVal is younger than Love, Kevin can be shut down/traded so he's the best player in the deal but has some question marks..... I think I'll accept it, what do you think?
  2. Huerter is a lock for sure..... Wall will be out at least for the first part of the season so Sato can be a good option.... KCP had a great run at the end of the season but in the 65+ gms before it he was trash, he's FA so if he signs with a team that can give him good playing time and touches he can be an option for pts and 3s but not much else.... I'd go with Sato and be happy
  3. Harden, Jokic, JJJ, Bagley, Collins, Conley are a sure thing as you said.... Harris isn't flashy and had problems this year but he's a solid fantasy player who doesn't hurt you anywhere Lamb is FA, lost his starting role (which sucks) but still posted quite good numbers, must see if he change team and if he starts or not Anderson lots of hype for his big minutes but failed miserably, still decent for Roto league and again doesn't hurt you anywhere but too little for H2H Bamba he's raw, Vuc didn't get traded so we didn't see him unleashed plus he only played half season, he's still has tons of potential.. 12th round cost pretty decent Isaac again super hyped coming into the season, started slow, he was balling in Feb/Mar then slowed down again, but he's 21 and he was close to that sexy 1/1/1 (0.8 stls) For your last 3 I'm going with: Isaac (for sure), Bamba (too much potential as a 12th rounder), Harris/Lamb (if Lamb goes to another team and starts go with him, if he stays in Cha and they don't add another SG/SF I'd probably roll with him again unless Denver dumps a SG/SF to free more minutes for Harris)
  4. and this is the wrong section of the forum
  5. 16 teams dynasty 8 cat + a/to he’s giving me Lowry for Lonzo Ball should I take it? 4th place atm... top team is way above but in a single week matchup can be beated (if LA doesn’t rest my LBJ during that week lol)
  6. 14 teams dynasty 9 cat on ESPN no chance for this season (Dipo and Porz out) I’m trying to get Zubac (got decent Cs with Gobert, JVal, Noel and Zeller) this is his offer: i give R.Bullock, S.Johnson and T.Jones (Min) i get Zubac, Rabb and Snell johnson is young but he’s lost, Bullock is a nice role player, Jones well if given pt he’s pretty good (thin at PG with CP3 and Fultz, others are FA worthy) on the other side: Zubac with PT can produce very nice, Rabb also decent prospect but seems close now with JVal, Snell I don’t care about him what should I do?
  7. If you can do that trade run for it....
  8. Since everybody knows that A.Davis is back and they must play him unless he's injured.... keep Sexton
  9. I say drop Green.... he's behind Harrell... probably he'll split minutes with Zubac at first, but the Clips will go young and play Zubac more
  10. nonononononononononononono.....NO
  11. 8 teams.... well you drop Kanter (should get traded so if you can hold a week to see where he lands you can do it), R.Jackson (don't know much about pts league but he sucks in h2h/roto), Morris can go as well, Ross is cool of the bench but I prefer starters, same goes for Clarkson Add in this order: Gallinari (he was beasting before the injury, sure he's injury prone but still), Harris once he gets back to form he's must own, Rondo should be a good hold untill Lonzo is out, White (posting solid numebers), Zubac (LA may add a C by the deadline), Nance, Green, SloMo (all 3 have ups and downs)