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  1. Last keeper spots

    Yes go with Allen... for the #2 pick I think I'd go with JJJ
  2. nope, I like Booker but he's never been great in fantasy hoops
  3. Way to Early look at Keepers

    KD, Jokic, Dipo
  4. Final Keeper Help.

    Well if Love becomes the #1 option on his team he's a fantasy monster, if things stays like this I still prefer him to Murray or else since you can't go too small, if Love gets traded you have to look were he lands, if he's not the focal point on the offense I might consider move him+Conley/Murray/Harris for a better player (LBJ and his looks makes Love much better, if he's the 3rd option on another team he might not be worth a keeper) J.Murray or Harris this is the real question to me (Conley is underrated ok but he past his prime IMO so not an option)... Again going with Murray makes you keep 5 PGs (which isn't good) but he has the upsides to be the best fantasy player between the 2, Harris gets more stls and he's more efficient, less TOs better %s (and yes a bit more 3s but you don't need them with all the other guys you keep)..... This is pretty much a toss up to me, I'd go with Harris (but it's very very close).... if J.Murray has PG/SG and Harris has only SG (but I think he'll be SG/SF) I think I'd go with Murray
  5. Final Keeper Help.

    Harris not close to me.... since Gary is younger, he's the best player and you already own 4 PGs
  6. Dynasty Trade help

    IF LBJ leaves the Cavs and Love is left lonley in Cleveland I'd do it, when he was in Minny he was great, even with the Cavs he was a good fantasy player, but if he's not the team star I'd prefer and younger and durable guy
  7. Dynasty Trade help

    I'd move him.... sure he's still super young and has shown that he can bet a 20ppg type of player, but still I don't like his fantasy game, 4+rebs, 2+ast, 1.5stl+blk, 1+ 3s , FT% can be improved and FG% is ok for a 20ppg player... those number are pretty avg, you can find pts everyone but other stats make you win in fantasy..... you can target pretty much everyone because he's a former #1 overall and is going into is 5th season...... just to name a few: J.Murray + , G.Harris +, A.Gordon, Doncic (I'd take Doncic over Wiggins any day of the week and Luka hasn't played a single NBA minute yet)
  8. Dynasty. Drop 4 players, help!

    Hart, LeVert, VanVleet (unless a big shake up in Toronto make his a starter) and Kennard
  9. Keeper Help

    I say keep Kawhi, he lost this season but over his young career he's shown durability over the years, plus I think he's out from SA so random rest won't happen, Lillard basically plays every game, but I think Kawhi is the best player between the 2 for his 1/1/1 ability... anyway I think you can hold it for the summer and see where he lands Middleton over Wall? Nah, again after his knee surgery Wall lost something, plus he misses games, but I think I still take Wall here even though as a Middleton owner I loved him this season, even with J.Parker back he didn't slow down so even if they keep Jabari I have no fear for him
  10. Turner or D'Angelo Russell Keeper

    Post hype bounce back with Myles Turner? this guy can still help you win blocks while Russell is a scorer with bad FG% on high volume, ast and of course pts are easier to find than blocks
  11. As of now I rank Brow, Steph.... Dipo, Wall.... yeah if you can flip the last 2 for 1 better keeper definitely do it
  12. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    Dominated my league all year, when Cousins went down I decided to trade him for Love (since it's a keeper), 1st game I got Love he broke his hand, luckily I could swap back the players (since DMC is a better keeper)... even without DMC I still got 1st with 17gms margin over the 2nd place... last night I was scared of Henson not playing so at the last minute I put D.Powell in the lineup instead of him.... lost 5-6 with a tie in blocks (Henson had 2, Powell had 1) and I had the tie breaker.... It happens every year in this silly league, in the RS I'm always 1st with absurd margin and then 1 stupid week in the PO f--- up my season Now in the 3rd place final I instant cut Powell for Isaac, I don't care if I own only 2 C now I don't want to see him ever again
  13. Nance or Skal? WHIR

    I went with Skal
  14. Ferrell isn't a very good add with DSJ back today, anyother better option for the add today? If not get Monroe, but I'd rather play someone today and not a C tomorrow