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  1. Any drops? WHIR

    none of them is a drop.... you might drop Dunn since you are punting ast and add White but it's a close call
  2. Lamb or Teague/Dunn

    you can ask for better, I'd rather give up Dunn
  3. drop Bryant/JJJ for Ingles?

    yeah I'd drop Bryant
  4. Need some help guys!!!

    who is your worst player? I think you are giving up too much for just Adams I like the idea of stashing LeVert and Bryant is def a must own player atm
  5. Who's my drop for Markkannen? WHIR!!

    Another vote for Cousins, he'll be limited they'll unleash him during the PO/final month of the season so he's your drop
  6. Drop?

    I don't see Marv on the sig. team so.... he's droppable sure but if you still own J.Hernangomez I'd drop him instead
  7. Trade away K. Anderson.WHIR!

    SlowMo is now in the top 100/110 and he'll stick there, he has ups and downs but doesn't hurt you anywhere, with that said he's doing very little of everything that's way in a H2H format he's not so valuable, so if you can get any of the listed trade go for it
  8. Should I accept this enticing offer? WHIR

    you can try to switch DJ with Whiteside... but I think trade is fair and you are winning it, Sabonis is very solid, Mitchell has a killer fg% but since you are trading for him I guess you are fine with that
  9. Keeper help WHIR

    I think Murray is the best option LMA is older, Wigging fantasy game is improving but still I don't want to have him on my team, WCJ is still to row, so is Bagley, I like Kuz but Jamaal is simply better
  10. DLO And Winslow for Kazemore

    Yeah TOs and Fg% makes that low rank but I take high TOs all day long in fantasy, bad fg% suck a bit but you can live with that too
  11. DLO And Winslow for Kazemore

    Wtf?!? You lost big Russell alone is better than Baze... I really like Baze but Atl has nothing to play for and he might get traded at the deadline, also Prince coming back will hurt his value as well (not that much)... Winslow has put together 3 very good games and seems on the rise, Dragic will be back in a month but he’ll stick in the lineup for McGruder I think... DLO has negatives but he’s the best player in the deal no question
  12. I say yes as long as you don’t mind Russ FT% that’s way he’s ranked low
  13. Kurucs? WHIR

    none Crabbe will hurt his value once back so I think Lonzo/Mudiay should be better than him
  14. H2H 12 teams.... 8 cat+A/TO, 3PT% league is a keeper where we can keep 3 player for max 3 season each .... both Davis and Leonard were in their 3rd I traded Leonard + Ayton for Davis and Bogdanovic (Ind) Yeah overall I lost the trade for the season, but I'm 9th and I don't have any chance for the title this year... this mose gives me Harden/Davis/Porzingis as keepers for the next season.... sure Ayton seems pretty good but I think Porz is better so I'd have lost Ayton anyway