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  1. Also, if the ball is different, you have to figure it feels different in a pitcher's hand. Another possible reason some top tier guys struggled with command.
  2. Throwing to Ramos tonight. Has had much more success with Nido. And this is after Syndergaard reportedly said he wants to throw to Nido not Ramos.
  3. Feel like he never got right after the injury.
  4. They should. He proved he deserves to play every day, and hit higher in the lineup than Cano. Problems are that he is a natural 1B and they’d have to continue playing him out of position the OF, plus this is the Mets so you can’t expect them to do the logical thing.
  5. The Met lineup he faced yesterday was not bad. Cano was out. McNeil, Alonso, Conforto, Dom Smith, Wilson Ramos are all tough hitters. Cautiously hopeful for the second half.
  6. I have more solid hitters than I know what to do with and a lot of my pitchers have been busts. And can't swing a deal for a pitcher on the trade market.
  7. No success trying to trade this guy (in some deals I'm lucky were rejected). The type who allows your to trade one of your higher name value guys (assuming he keeps it up).
  8. He should demand a trade to a real team.
  9. One more scapegoat. The manager is still there because the GM is next in line after that. This has to be one of, if not the, most rudderless franchises in the game. One WS run aside, after which they stood pat, they have been abysmal over the past decade. The coaches change, the managers change, the GMs change. The one constant is in the owner's box.
  10. M!V!P! M!V!P! Any chance he gets dealt? Free agent and the Nats are going nowhere. He'd have strong value in any park and lineup, I'd say.
  11. Agree, with the right price being basically nothing.
  12. Maybe worth a bargain basement FAAB pickup if you have an empty roster spot. He still has upside and time to get healthy. But I wouldn't bet big on either.
  13. Looks like he is heating back up!
  14. Thinking about making a trade offer for this guy but the innings limit stuff scares the crap out of me.
  15. Sizzling once again. Feeling better about his ROS potential? I tried trading him about a month ago with no takers. Kind of glad I couldn't.