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  1. Not getting near this in any way and own no shares but my money would be on TY MONT in some, see I told you so GB resurgence here, If I had to bet on some next man up scenario.
  2. Bad matchup this week but Kirk will heat up at some point. He's the WR2 in an offense that threw out of 4 WR sets more than the entire rest OF THE NFL COMBINED!! Just put him on ice and let him ripen up a little. 😁
  3. So the guy that sniped everybody on draft day to get Mahomes now knows nothing about drafting offensive talent? Put the OG Kush down lil feller, Andy Reid is the truth. Fire this up!!!!
  4. My tea leaves say Gordon isn't coming, and w/ Austin showing he can carry the load and rack points, I think it gives SD even more leverage. Other running backs come out of the woodwork by week 10, so just keep your eyes peeled. Backup backs I'm holding in sig. That 40 burger week one was tasty, let's have another!
  5. Converted WR, all the snaps, being called "special" hand plucked from the Ravens, off the drugs, motivated, and AB is gone leaving massive targets to be had. I normally like one solid catalyst, but I'll take 6 or 7 all at once. To the moon!
  6. Firing this up over Ginn, lots of targets coming and ya can't teach speed, will be a mass fire add by next week If he goes off.
  7. Lots of people have busted after being selected in the first round. They aren't just benching the guy that went 8 catches for 100 plus. DD Westbrook Baker Mayfield Joe Mixon and you guessed it, Mark Andrews all played together at OK. You want blue chip talent that's about to explode in that high flying offense? It's right here.
  8. Hurst isn't good. Boyle isn't special. Andrews will be top 5-7, I guarantee it. Unless you are getting some haul for this, keep it.
  9. I find that I make better decisons when I do all the work myself and then make an informed decision. I haven't missed the Playoffs in half a decade. It's a lot of work, but I'd rather ride or die with my own decisions than some person I've never even met, that NEVER owns up to bad advice that didn't pan out. I don't always choose correctly but I always learn something. FF by and large is being ahead of the herd when it comes to hot wire adds, it requires thought and understanding the path to opportunity.
  10. I have this kid on every team and started Andrew over him week 1, now it looks like double TE's this week as both players have good match-ups. The sky is the limit for Waller, and the Raiders love him. Gruden saw him warming up when he was on the Ravens practice squad and literally stole him for nothing. To be fair Matthew Berry has been touting him hard and had him ranked 10th in week 1 at TE.
  11. Good point, got him mixed up with Andrews's college, he still runs a 4.4