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  1. Right?! Obviously Barkley and McCaffrey couldn't even hold Jacobs' jock strap
  2. Start Evans, Woods, and Watkins. It's AB's 1st week, he doesn't know the playbook and is dealing with all the sexual assault allegations - deal with that next week
  3. Nah, but definitely pick up Waller for Hardman for Gio
  4. Def not Chubb and Godwin, that's too much. Agree with the guy above that said to try Jacobs/Westbrook and Ekeler/Godwin. Maybe toss in Justin Jackson for a bench scrub of his, so Ekeler/Godwin/Jackson for Thomas/BenchScrub
  5. Think people are being too quick on the gun to drop Samuel. He's very good at creating separation, the one target Samuel didn't catch he was 5 yards ahead of his defender and Cam just sailed it over his head, would've been a big chunk of yards. Obviously his target share was disappointing, but Panthers have been gassing him up all preseason and he can clearly create separation, I'd give him another week
  6. Not too much, I like Brady a lot with the signing of AB, but he's still a lower end QB1 in a league where QBs are plentiful. Don't think he'll be a huge upgrade if at all over Mayfield. Maybe 5% of budget, up to 10% if you really really like him
  7. Guessing you already started Montgomery? Woods and Cooks are almost indistinguishable imo, but I would start both of them and sit T.Y. Hilton
  8. Similar situations as both will be in murky timeshares, but I think Breida will end up as the 1A and Coleman the 1B for the Niners, whereas I think Dame Williams will be the 1A and McCoy the 1B for the Chiefs. Chiefs do have the better offense so more scoring opps, just like Breida ever so slightly more.
  9. No love for Sanders at all against the Redskins? Interesting
  10. Brady has Antonio Brown, Julian Edelman, James White and Josh Gordon to throw to. And behind that he has Demaryius Thomas, Philip Dorsett and 1st rounder NKeal Harry. That's a ridiculous amount of weapons. I could see Jameis having a big year too but I'd make that swap
  11. Yes, I'd rather have AB. He'll miss week 1 and might take a few games to get up to speed, but it's still AB
  12. Looks like AB might be going to the Patriots. Take it now
  13. I'd rather have DJ Moore in redraft and keeper. Green is still in a walking boot and will be out for who knows how long. Plus he's 31, Moore is 22 he's got a lot of good years ahead of him
  14. Tough but I'd prob let Henderson go, Jackson and Hyde already have a role right now and Henderson would prob be in a timeshare even if Gurley gets hurt. Where as I feel like Mattison would be the top dog if something happened to Cook
  15. Would go Ty Williams with no AB. They will be throwing to somebody