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  1. Yep, pretty much a direct timeshare with Mack. His per minute numbers aren't good enough to sustain much value, I'm dropping to stream in a 12 teamer.
  2. Gallo and Harris will be starting at the 3/4 I would assume. Wes Johnson and Dekker would soak up the backup minutes at the 3 and 4 would they not? And again, you have to consider who else will be coming to LAC in the prospective DJ/Lou deals. It's not gonna be all draft picks, they have to match salaries. Just doesn't seem like the slam dunk people are expecting. Best case scenario IMO is that LAC trades DJ/Lou and gets 0 centers in return and Harrell/Boban split the center minutes evenly to get roughly 24 each. And that scenario doesn't seem overly likely to me
  3. Fox/Ish for Jrue?

    2 nickels for a dollar. Jrue by a mile
  4. As of right now he's still going to be behind DJ and Harrell. So his path to playing time still looks pretty grim until DJ actually is traded. Even then he's still likely backing up Harrell plus you have to expect the Clippers are going to get another big or two back in a package for DJ/Lou. I know he's a per minute beast but I feel like everyone's getting a bit too hyped, still probably worth a pickup to see how things shake out
  5. Standard 9 Cat H2H League In a vacuum, rate these guys as keepers for the upcoming season and beyond Otto Porter Khris Middleton Paul Millsap
  6. I'd do it as well. Fournette, Hyde, and Gillislee are a solid rotation of RBs
  7. Need 2: Howard, Hopkins, CJA, Parker,

    Would definitely go with Hopkins. Im inclined to go with Parker vs Saints as well. Though he played well, Howard looked beat up last game and CJA is starting to split with Charles more
  8. Bump - 30 minutes left to decide! Still WHIRing
  9. Free Agency Acquisitions WHIR

    Would honestly drop Kupp and Golladay for Carson/Funchess. Can't believe Carson is still on the wire, snatch him up ASAP
  10. Mixon for Carson, Henry??? WHIR

    Would pass as well, Mixon's arrow is pointing up but not that far up
  11. Parker trade - WHIR

    I'd stay put as well, Parker is the clear best player as of right now
  12. Close but I would take McCaffrey as well http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671793-start-2-carson-adams-murray-whir/
  13. Kelce trade question, WHIR

    Hard pass on all of these, Kelce is worth more even if you're starting 5 RB/WR http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671793-start-2-carson-adams-murray-whir/
  14. Still would fade Marshall, can't trust him at all
  15. Title says it all, can't decide who to start/sit. Thought I'd ask some other opinions Standard Scoring DeMarco Murray @ Texans Chris Carson vs Colts Davante Adams vs Bears Drop a link, I got you.