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  1. Starting Henry over Graham only because I already sealed the win. Recommend doing the same for those out there that plan to cut the other TE soon if Henry is healthy. Then you have the option of picking up a Packer or Lion player for free off waivers before MNF. Ex: MVS is on waivers in my league.
  2. Hopefully Cooks injury isn't serious! The body count is now Brees, T. Hill, D. Adams, Henry, Hockenson and Cooks for my team.
  3. Hunter Henry will start to get rostered again in leagues he was dropped.
  4. First T. Hill, then Brees now Adams injured. Hard to be this unlucky but I pulled it off.
  5. If not Allen then I'd drop Hardman. T Hill should be back soon.
  6. Edit to info above. This is a ten team league.
  7. I would also take this trade to upgrade your RB position.
  8. Would that be for T Hill and David Johnson? If so, that is an easy decision. Doubt it would be accepted though.
  9. Still would prefer Kerryon over M.Sanders. Kerryon is the clear cut #1 RB on the team w no competition. Sanders will keep getting more work but it will always be more of a timeshare vs the Lions backfield.
  10. I'd burn a high waiver for D Singletary first for sure
  11. Is it worth it to use my #3 waiver for Dissley? Originally thought yes, but I have Hock and he plays KC this week. Then 2 good TE options will be available off suspension (Watson for NE and Herndon on the Jets).
  12. WRs: D. Adam, T. Hill, B. Cooks, D.Moore RBs: L. Fournette, K.Johnson, Eckler, J White, A. Mattison, L Murray, J Samuels TE: Hockenson QB: Brees, Allen
  13. Should I pick up Dissley off waivers and replace Hock or take the following trade: His: Waller, E. Sanders, C. Carson My: Hock, B. Cooks, K. Johnson /or Eckler
  14. Think I'll stay and keep my WR depth. Even if I don't get Allen I can stream Winston this week against the Giants. It comes down to Waller for Hock is a wash. T. Boyd for Cooks is Reduction in my WR2 (WR3 when Hill gets back). Getting Mayfield is nice but his schedule sucks during the weeks Brees is injured.