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  1. The big pluses for Powell are that he is versatile, clearly the most skilled of the healthy backs left and as alluded to by Patrick Bateman, it is very hard counting on Beanie coming back and being healthy as a given. It's too bad he did miss the draw play - because I think he would have continued to carve up BUF. And yes, his next 2 weeks are tough - but I agree the rest isn't nearly as daunting. If he can protect the QB, and be the best runner, he can cement the job for this season. LSH has shown several times he is a scatback at best - so the door is wide open. With RB being so shallow, that is still WW gold - any starting RB who could play most of the snaps is a huge find. And, I would agree that while he is far from certain for production this year, in dynasty formats his value is increasing into relevant-status. With Williams not back to 100 percent 14 months post patella tendon rupture repair opens a window for open competition if Powell can show a decent performance, and versatility - so pass-protection & play-call recognition will be huge for him the next few weeks. He is still a lottery ticket - but at least it's fun to own him, unlike many of the RB speculative picks owners have had to dredge through ( at one time or another, 7 weeks in the FOTW have included the likes of Dwyer, Ballard, Bilal Powell, Andre Brown...).