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  1. Where does Jesse James fall now with Ladarius Green officially out for at LEAST six weeks?
  2. Should I be worried with Boswell because of this? Has there been an updates/talks on this possibility?
  3. Does Latavius catch passes? Does he gain or lose value in PPR leagues? slightly? significantly?
  4. Does Romo's injury hurt or help Witten?
  5. I traded for Blount in hopes of an uptick in redzone carries given Dion's injury, but the below stats are a bit disappointing (from Rotoworld's week 9 article). Looks like there weren't many to go around the last 3 weeks to begin with. Red zone Carries: Dion Lewis (3, 4, 2, 1, 0, 0) and LeGarrette Blount (2, 9, 2, 0, 0, 1)
  6. When active and in "fully involved" what current WRs would you guys compare him to in value ROS?
  7. Manning 2015 Extrapolated Stats: 389 completions, 4064 yards, 19 TDs, 27 INTs Manning 2014 Actual Stats: 395 completions, 4727 yards, 39 TDs, 15 INTs In relation to his 2014 stats, Manning is on pace for 98.5% completions, 86% yards, 49% TDs Using these percentages to adjust DT's 2014 Actuals gives: 109 receptions, 1392 yards, 5.35 TDs. In 0.5 PPR this equates to 226 points. 220 points in 2014 would have put him at WR #10, between Jeremy Maclin and Alshon Jeffery.
  8. 2015 Extrapolated Stats: 128 receptions, 200 targets, 1405 yards, 3 TDs (rounded up) 2014 Actual Stats: 111 receptions, 184 targets, 1619 yards, 11 TDs At 0.5 PPR, his extrapolated stats equate to ~222...and then -2 for his 1 fumble so far. 220 points in 2014 would have put him at WR #9, just behind Julio Jones who missed 1 game. He was WR #2 with 285 points. His extrapolated stat line has 17 more receptions, 16 more targets, 214 less yards, and 8 less TDs than his stats from 2014. Worse of 2015 Extrapolated and 2014 Actual: 111 receptions, 184 targets, 1405 yards, 3 TDs At 0.5 PPR, the stat line immediately above equates to 214 points. 214 points in 2014 would have put him at WR #12, just behind TY Hilton. The question is, do we see his situation improving? Will DT end up with more than 3 TDs? Unfortunately, for most, he was drafted with the potential of being the #1 WR. On the other hand, he may be a good buy at current market value.
  9. Is Frank gore trending upward or downward? Upward because of schedule and Luck getting healthier? Downward because of Bradshaw? He's sitting at #16 RB (0.5 PPR), 11 PPG. TRich and Bradshaw were pretty 50/50 when they co-existed last year. Should we expect the same with Gore and Bradshaw 1-2 weeks from now?
  10. How would you compare Jordan Matthew's situation and outlook compared to Brandin Cooks? Seems like their values have tracked closely together throughout the season. The issue with Brandin Cooks is that he appears to never be open. Is Jordan Matthews the opposite where he gets open but Bradford/Matthews mucks it up?
  11. SkinsChargersFan: Are you targeting him in standard, 0.5 PPR, or 1 PPR leagues? I can believe 1 TD is flukey for DT given his yardage, but Peyton Manning's 7 TDs through 6 weeks is more concerning. (11 TDs through last 8 games last year as well)
  12. For those of you who are watching the games, what has caused his lack of production? Brees injury? Cooks not able to beat top corners? What kind of routes is he running? Are they scheming to get him the ball at all? Seems to be holding steady at ~8 targets/game
  13. Only downhill from here? Djax and Reed are bound to come back soon.
  14. Good buy low candidate? Does Karlos Williams still pose a threat to McCoy's ROS value?
  15. Any updates on his outlook? Looks like he's still a strong WR2 even with Gronk around hogging all the TDs. Other thoughts?