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  1. You lost me at John Ross’ final season of college being four years ago. He was a rookie last year.
  2. He’s perfect because he was fairly hyped last season and now you can get him with your last pick. If he gets hurt again its an easy cut but I do think he gets another chance.
  3. The top 5 before the season were Gronk, Kelce, Olsen, Reed, and Graham, still 40% chance of drafting a bust.
  4. Yeah the pass was off target and Marshall made an ackward attempt to catch it, deflecting it right to the defender for an easy pick six. Well it wasn’t that easy because Jenkins was injured on the play but I believe that’s because he ran out of gas and the field caught up to him. Otherwise, Marshall appeared serviceable but nothing special and not explosive. He could have been playing tentative but I expected to at least see “fresh legs” out of him and I didn’t see it.
  5. His volume won’t increase, Rawls will be active again next week.
  6. I think schedule is more important but you can’t look too far ahead because a lot can change in three weeks. Why do you have to pick now?
  7. I thought that way about both interceptions. He didn’t fight for the ball on either one of them. He also seemed to be sucking wind for much of the game. Still I’m not dropping him... he has talent and opportunity.
  8. They have 21 days so he could miss this week and next and still be activated for week 12 and beyond. The incentive not to keep him inactive is that they do not have to cut another player on their 53 man roster. For all the potential, Dede is an unproven rookie so it could be a tough decision on who to cut to make room for him. I do expect he will be activated but wouldn’t be surprised if they take all the way to the deadline (week 12).
  9. No, that would only occur if he was on NFI or exempt list. Dede suffered his injury in the NFL. He’s getting paid on IR and accruing a season towards free agency.
  10. With the rash of defensive injuries I am expecting the Seahawks to play more aggressively on offense which can only benefit Russell Wilson. In 2015 after they lost lynch and graham the went to more of a spread, hurry up offense and Wilson threw 19 touchdowns in the last 5 games. With the Seahawks inability to run the football and now losing 5 key defenders I could see a similar shift in offensive philosophy to start out scoring teams rather than ball control.
  11. Back in 2015 Abdullah had two fumbles in a game, losing one, and the Lions lost the game. The next week he had 17 touches and a decent game, despite another fumble. He has had 136 touches this season and those were his only fumbles, so perhaps he will retain his previous role.
  12. Looks like he blew his golden opportunity. Lions gave him all the carries he was asking for and he was making plays and on his way to a breakout game until he fumbled it all away. Next week it will be back to 2 down work between the 20s, at best. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s returning kicks or inactive.
  13. In hindsight that was against the Jags and they also sacked Watson 4 times in that game, as well as had 10 sacks against Brissett and the Colts in their last game. It would be wise to keep an open mind and consider the opponent.
  14. He is playing the Colts at home this week, so there’s that.
  15. Well crap he's back just in time for Diggs to suffer a groin injury. Perhaps Michael Floyd can have some value this year after all. Hide the kombucha!
  16. I think he's worth a shot in PPR with 5 catches in consecutive weeks heading into a decent matchup.
  17. How bad is injury? I missed the game but I saw that he left with a groin injury and may have returned. Was he moving ok or is this likely to affect him next week?
  18. Frank gore looks good for a 34 year old running back. He's doing way better than deangelo Williams.
  19. Frank gore is being phased out of the offense. At best he's a between the 20s grinder. They want to get Mack involved and giving red zone carries to Turbin as well. Very little upside but still might have some value during bye weeks or in case Mack gets hurt again.
  20. Lacy started the game but predictably didn't do much. To Rawls credit he was in at the end of the game and I think he looked alright and definitely better than Rawls. But McKissic seems to be better fit for this team, which cannot establish the run. None of them need to be held through the bye.
  21. No, not Prosise. He is hurt again (always) and Seattle is on bye this week. McKissic looks good and dependable and so he will remain in the mix. It would probably be wise to avoid that entire situation and look elsewhere.
  22. I actually disagree with this because OBJ demanded so much defensive attention, with constant double and triple teams, that he opened things up for other players. If everybody else had gotten hurt except Odell then that would have been an ideal situation for EE. However, I'm not sure the rookie is ready to produce with the defense treating him as the #1 option. This week against Denver the could conceivably put Talib on him and roll safety help because who else are the Giants going to throw to? He's still a definite hold for me, I'm just saying that I'm not as confident as you are.
  23. Seattle RB is pretty complex but if you need a starter this week then it should be Rawls for most leagues. Lacy is better bet for TD only and he also could have the best long term value as he's the only one prove to be durable. Prosise has the most upside in PPR but his injury history is very concerning and I have my doubts whether he will return this week (despite what Pete may say). McKissic is basically a PPR lotto ticket, ready to steal Prosise's role.