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  1. I'd definitely leave Reynolds in over those options. If you need to start two, my next man up would be Sanu.
  2. I only like Saints D 1 point more than Titans this week on average so it's close enough where you don't have to do it. I would probably drop Titans for Saints though. If anything you can start Giants D who I like just as much as Titans.
  3. I think Titans and Broncos D are a wash, so use either one. In the other league I would start the Saints D. Winston always turns the ball over, and they've been elite recently.
  4. I'd go Davis over Pettis and Zay. Those options are fine, but Davis gets more work and is a stud talent. Tough matchup but you really don't have better options.
  5. I'd go Lockett. Fitz isn't a bad option either. I don't like any of the Titans backs though.
  6. I'd go Jonnu. Jags are giving up 20 PPG last month to TEs. Hawks only surrendering 10 PPG to TEs.
  7. Unsure of who to go with. I'm nervous about Davis against Ramsey, but I also know he'll get a solid amount of targets. Samuels could see Ridley cut into a lot of work, but maybe that's not enough of a reason to sit him? Fitz and Moore seem like okay starts, but nothing crazy.
  8. I too am super nervous about starting Davis, but on average he's going to get more work than Samuel and Callaway. I think I'd bite the bullet and start him
  9. It's sort of an exaggeration when you see that they play Baltimore and Dallas after this week.
  10. If Chubb is calling plays that stat line is an absolute worst case.
  11. I traded him awhile ago, but I wish the guy I traded to dropped him so I could pick him up. If he gets healthy he's going to have a solid role in this offense, and his next 2 matchups are juicy if he can play. Solid flex guy if he goes.
  12. It's only bust when Mariota is hurt actually. Dropping Davis would be a bad mistake to make. He has a great ROS schedule too.
  13. Pick up Herndon to help your team's biggest weakness, but start Vance. Help?