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  1. Doubtful...hes not on the 40 and Yankees can use German or Chad Green
  2. Ratio killing savage...cant wait to see which leaguemate grabs this time bomb
  3. Hopes for a power binge coming?
  4. Where would you guys rank Tyler Thornburg with the other elite holds guys?
  5. any signs of life?
  6. ugh how can i give up on 80 grade power? what are dynasty leaguers handling Soler on their rosters outside of praying for a trade?
  7. Are the control issues a thing now for Berrios now or was it just first promotion jitters? Im hoping Berrios will work out his control issues in 2-3 starts and be back up with the Twins soon enough
  8. De Leon (shoulder) was placed on the 7-day DL on Monday, J.P. Hoornstra of Southern California News Group reports. De Leon reported a sore arm last week and it appears that the issue has not been resolved as he requires a stint to the DL.
  9. any idea what position eligibility Yahoo will have him at once they get around to adding him to the game?
  10. Twins lineup waking up, time is now to buy back on Arcia in dynasty/5 OF leagues
  11. Thoughts on Barreto call-up by June? If A's dont care about having Semien's glove at SS surely Franklin's glove will be overlooked as they hopefully for fantasy purposes keep him at SS
  12. no thanks, in the AL East plus Jays were one of the fewest save opportunity teams last year so likely a lot less hold opportunities for Storen than most
  13. Chance Hader is called up before July? Not much in front of this stud on the ML level
  14. darkhorse to steal the 5th spot from Bolsinger? Also looks like Kazmir is having velocity issues sitting at 86-89mph. Looks like sooner rather than later this season we'll get to see De Leon...Id suggest to buy your tickets for the ride now before you miss out
  15. "The Brewers lineup should be vastly improved next season as well with a healthy Jonathan Lucroy, mainstay Ryan Braun, and emerging studs Khris Davis and Domingo Santana. If Carter can slot somewhere in the cleanup or five hole of the lineup, the RBI and counting stat potential for him could be enormous. The entire situation is perfect for him to thrive, but once again it will all come down to Carter making the adjustment at the plate to become a little more patience and just keep crushing pitching mistakes. It will be hard for me to look past just how hard I got burned by him last season, but it looks as though he found a home with a team that offers him a great chance at fantasy retribution. It is up to you to decide whether or not to give him one more shot." No one behind Carter to threaten his spot in the lineup which currently sits as cleanup between Braun and Domingo Santana. Is this the post-hype sleeper year where Carter really breaks out? Even if he doesnt, he's a likely safe bet for 30 hrs with 550+ ABs.