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  1. Hopes for a power binge coming?
  2. Where would you guys rank Tyler Thornburg with the other elite holds guys?
  3. Had these 2 bums #3 & #4 stashed for years smh... 3. BRANDON WOOD, ss, Angels "He's still going to get better. He looks like the next Cal Ripken to me." --San Jose manager Lenn Sakata ETA: 2007 4. JEREMY HERMIDA, of, Marlins "Everything he does is so easy. He has a 70 arm and he has one of the sweetest swings from the left side I've ever seen." --anonymous scout ETA: 2006
  4. Rob Refsnyder with Teixera getting hurt. He has hit on every level just a question of the glove just hasnt gotten a fair shot in NY yet. Thnk Daniel Murphy lite-type professional hitter with 2b eligibility and likely 1B and OF coming as well. Maybe even 3B with the sorry Headley over there. As long as he's not fielding ground balls off his face his bat should kep him in the lineup on a Yankee offense stuck on neutral all season.
  5. any signs of life?
  6. c'mon Reds lets get Reed in the bigs already
  7. ugh how can i give up on 80 grade power? what are dynasty leaguers handling Soler on their rosters outside of praying for a trade?
  8. Are the control issues a thing now for Berrios now or was it just first promotion jitters? Im hoping Berrios will work out his control issues in 2-3 starts and be back up with the Twins soon enough
  9. De Leon (shoulder) was placed on the 7-day DL on Monday, J.P. Hoornstra of Southern California News Group reports. De Leon reported a sore arm last week and it appears that the issue has not been resolved as he requires a stint to the DL.
  10. any idea what position eligibility Yahoo will have him at once they get around to adding him to the game?
  11. very streaky hitter, rather irrelevant where he bats in a loaded Jays lineup. His glove will have him playing everyday. Pillar's time will come.
  12. Twins lineup waking up, time is now to buy back on Arcia in dynasty/5 OF leagues
  13. Oh just sitting here on my roster page hitting "F5" and waiting for yahoo to put Jhonny Peralta on the DL as he's already been officially placed. The life & times of a fantasy baseball've been missed?
  14. Thoughts on Barreto call-up by June? If A's dont care about having Semien's glove at SS surely Franklin's glove will be overlooked as they hopefully for fantasy purposes keep him at SS
  15. no thanks, in the AL East plus Jays were one of the fewest save opportunity teams last year so likely a lot less hold opportunities for Storen than most