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  1. Droppable? 1 extra base hit last 2 weeks
  2. Box score says 0/4 2Ks...for those who watched how did Naylor look up there?
  3. Showcasing as a trade piece in interleague hopes to land starting pitching
  4. 10.5 o/u for the game has me shying away from pulling the trigger and starting Martin
  5. How big is the fork sticking out of Robbie Cano's back?
  6. What's up with Archer past 3 starts? Only a combined 12.2 innings pitched with 10 total Ks
  7. Ranked #97 in TDG's latest dynasty rankings with an ETA of 2019 given. Not knowing much about him but with his proximity to the bigs this close surprised there isn't a thread on here about him. Would like to hear some opinions is this someone we should be putting on our radar for redraft leagues?
  8. How are we valuing Boyd in dynasty leagues?
  9. Any chances we see him in relief this year?
  10. Figure Franklin Barretto still ahead of Mateo or have they given up on him?
  11. Slowing down to reality? Back to striking out 2 or so times a day and OPSing .631 past 2 weeks
  12. Any updates on his placement?
  13. He figure something out? Results look better recently