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  1. I hope they would follow the Ingram/Kamara gameplan. Kamara seems to do better with less quantity and more quality touches. Let Murray take the punishment. Worked out well for both Ingram and Kamara.
  2. trending down and his immediate schedule looks dicey at best.
  3. Faced Antonio Brown, Kyle Rudolph and Jags D. All of them had their season-best games. Throw in the last minute Evans TD for my opponent, so lucky. Such BS, fantasy is pure luck in the playoffs.
  4. Well if Henry didnt shred his knee they wouldnt have him this year.
  5. Hope most of you didnt actually start this guy. The signs were everywhere. Dude scored 1.4 points in my league, what a disaster.
  6. Well, tbf it was a touchback and not a pick 6. Im disappointed in myself.
  7. Nice I hope they come out like gangbusters and force Wilson to throw all game.
  8. Ok, im just saying. With some people you can just tell by looking at them that they have stanky breath. Tirico looks like that guy.
  9. Wowwwww incoming River pick 6 when he forces it.
  10. That decision on going for it on 4th down and goal instead of kicking fg is yuuuuge right now.
  11. Ok, I'm cool with Rivers TD but no more Gordon.
  12. Yes, yes I will...Prob not but one can hope.
  13. I'm just saying bruh, massages are legit.
  14. So my wife scheduled a couples massage at the start of the late games tomorrow...On one hand I'm like FUUUUUUUUUUU gonna miss most of my players' games. On the other, it's a 90-minute massage...
  15. I will leave that up to individual interpretation, tbh.
  16. I feel like Rivers will throw a fluky long td pass before this game is up. Seems like a Phillip thing to do.