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  1. He's also had times where's he's been unlucky in the TD department. Can't remember which game it was but he scored on a holding penalty and then got pulled for Lindsay who scored. I'm not saying he's going to take over as the GL back but I also don't think Lindsay has that role as locked down as the early numbers would have us believe. I think he'll have better TD luck as the season continues. I'm pretty happy with Freeman so far. Dependable 12-18 touches with many of those being catches is nothing to sneeze at as a PPR flex. He's been perfect in my guillotine leagues where you really just want to avoid duds and get consistent points from your flex positions in the early part of the year.
  2. Luke Wilson has never had more than 22 catches in a season (2014) and was most recently cut from the Raiders. I wouldn't worry about him.
  3. It's weird because like others have said Brett Kollmann was super high on this kid and basically no one else talked about him at all. Maybe it's just because the other Ohio state players were really hyped leading into the draft? Guys like Haskins, Bosa, Campbell, etc. I stashed him in a couple spots after they cut Doctson because of Kollmann and the depth chart being wide open but he's still just a rookie WR. Even the most hyped rookie WRs often disappoint.
  4. The point is that having the other teams top corner spending a play covering a running back is already a win for you from a schematic perspective. You take away that advantage by throwing it at said RB.
  5. 100%. It doesn't matter if Barber ran the wrong route, if you're throwing an outside ball on a curl to a RB going against Richard Sherman, you've already made the wrong decision. That being said, I thought Jones looked explosive yesterday. The one pass he caught was great and converted a long third down with his after the catch moves. If he keeps doing stuff like that he'll see more looks.
  6. I'm not sure I'd call it terrifying, just expected. They signed Brate to a nice deal in the offseason and he's been a reliable target for a couple years. He was never just going to go away. OJ is averaging over 20 yards per reception which is insane for a TE, he doesn't need as many targets as others to rack up yards.
  7. He stayed in the game and even caught another pass after that play where he grabbed for his back (same drive), so hopefully it was just a stinger. Despite Brate getting the TD and seemingly having more usage than normal, Djax came back down to earth and OJ was the beneficiary targets wise. I think as long as Fitz is starting, OJ will keep having nice weeks. If Winston ends up starting more games, it could be a problem as he trusts Brate a ton.
  8. Brate is still the TE to own on this team, I'm probably dropping Cook for him. Might be worth waiting one more week to see what this offense looks like with Martin in the mix, but the matchup is hard to pass up.
  9. His touchdown seemed to come from something they caught on film. It was absurd how open he was. Winston mentioned that he wanted to get him the ball more, but keep in mind that Brate also had 4 catches for 80 yards and a TD this game, and Djax has been frustrated with their missed connections on the deep ball. The only consistent guy in this passing game is Evans, the rest will be up and down.
  10. FB/TE Alan Cross (A guy they like) was just released to clear a spot on the 53 for him. All the talk of him not coming back has always been coachspeak to motivate him since he's the kind of guy who needs a carrot. He looked like the best RB through all of camp and preseason. Gonna fire him up this week with confidence. If he's not active this week to get him up to speed, then Rodgers has the good matchup and you should be fine if you stacked this backfield like you should have.
  11. Seemed just fine to me this week. On the touchdown play, Evans was by himself to one side with both TEs and Djax on the other side. The bears gave him single coverage in the red zone because they were afraid of the TEs. This red zone passing offense seems like pick your poison and if teams continue to give Evans 1 on 1s that close, he'll have even more TDs than last year.
  12. Anyone else rolling with Hogan this week? I have to start him because of that stupid hurricane...
  13. Brate isn't a better blocker than Howard. Brate is actually pretty bad at blocking which is why they wanted Howard, since he's able to do everything. That being said I think they'll run a lot of two TE sets this year and Brate will end up with better stats.