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  1. While that may in fact be true, neither location has the best looking women in America, apparently. As for Jimmy, I think he stays in SF and puts up pretty fantastic numbers next year. Shanahan will continue to do what he does, and JG's abilities are clear; he's no backup QB. My expectation is that his draft price will be very high though, as I'm expecting a lot of hype. Like anything in this league, it's a crapshoot, but I expect he'll go as high, or higher, than Matt Ryan, Jared Goff, Jameis Winston, Matt Stafford, and Marcus Mariota and I'd rather have them on my team tbh.
  2. I'm sorry but its going to be very rare that someone gives up a top RB for one week of production. Gil is not yet truly a trade-now candidate because his value has not yet cemented. If he stays strong for the next two weeks, you've got something to trade. But at that point, will you want to trade him? I love Gil for the following reasons: - Every time anyone draws a pass interference call (see: Gronk) from the end zone, Gil will get a chance - Every time the pats are up big, Gil will kill the clock - Every game his "lack of experience" tag drifts further into memory Happy to hold.