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  1. I'd go Ebron over Olsen ROS with Doyle out now.
  2. I stand corrected, it's his second double digit game all season. It's his first TD. He is just underutilized and you hit it on the head, he can't be trusted. That's cute coming from a guy with 14 posts. The guy has 1 solid game all season and you jump all over his jock. Slow your roll. I think you are confusing me with a large portion of the forum members who post nothing but garbage. Here's a couple quick examples: "It's time my friends. Let's get this train a rollin'! Woo-hoooo!!!" or "Dion Lewis is the best back the titans have ever had" And let's take a look at your first 2 forum posts: 1. "Had to resort to starting the 49ers defense in two leagues in matchups that could both very well make or break my season... lord have mercy" 2. Need Dion Lewis to score less than 7.7 in standard... it’s gonna be a long night... Real solid contributions. How about you STFU and fall in line until you have some history on these forums and provide some real contributions. Go in the Assistant Coach forums and start helping out members with real questions/needs and stop trying to call out people who actually support this community.
  3. I would much rather own Lockett. If you paid attention and read my signature rather than throw your wild and ill-researched accusations out there, you'd see that. We are in week 11, this was his first double digit game. How many more games does a WR1 need in order to put up numbers like this? These are normal numbers for most teams' WR1s. How do you justify such a pathetic output so far this season? Sounds to me like someone who is just bitter they drafted Baldwin and is projecting disappointment on those who call a spade, a spade. Baldwin would likely put up better stats on most other teams, but he is a Seahawk. The numbers speak for themselves.
  4. There's his double digit game for the year. Expect him to go back to pedestrian numbers for ROS. If you're league hasn't passed the trade deadline, now's your window to sell high given his "healthy" comments and the good game.
  5. I will be surprised if he finishes with more than 1 game with double digit fantasy points. He's been a huge bust and maybe his health has been a factor, but he should still be able to put up decent #s and hasn't.
  6. Week 11 is scary. Thinking TB or AZ, but would go ATL or PIT if I hadn't already used them. Who are you going with?
  7. That's who I rolled with. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself...
  8. I think Watson may have to do a lot himself with the stingy DEN defense, but Goff for the shootout. Help with mine?
  9. Ravens are stingy. I like McC and Elliott. Good luck! Help with mine?
  10. I like Cobb in this matchup with Allison sidelined. Good Luck!
  11. Michel vs GB Collins vs PIT Golladay @ MIN I was going to roll with Michel, but ESPN's Adam Schefter reports "there's concern" Sony Michel (questionable, knee) won't be able to return this week. So I don't want to risk playing him Sunday night only to not have any other options if he isn't a go. It looks like Golladay might want to prove the Lions right by trading Tate away and crush it today. But Collins is usually a good bet for ~10pts per week. Golladay seems like the higher risk, higher reward play, while Collins is the safer play (higher floor, lower ceiling). Thoughts? WHIR
  12. Figured it was a longshot, but would've been hilarious if you were him.
  13. Nice analysis. You sound a lot like one of my best buds I've known since childhood. He loves the "zero-sum game" reference and speaks just like you. I'd highly doubt it's him, but did you happen to grow up in LA and live in Chitown now?
  14. When I saw that I knew it immediately killed the rest of Thomas' game upside.