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  1. Down by 3 heading into Monday night, opponent has Metcalf left. Which kicker should I start? Currently have Myers in.
  2. I would go with Lockett and Amendola.
  3. Currently leaning Winston because it seems to be the safer choice.
  4. I would stay put as I think you could get a receiver than Woods especially if DJ is in the mix.
  5. Winston or Watson? and Barber or Ridley?
  6. I would stay put, Indy is a pass first offense while Baltimore tends to run a lot more.
  7. Freeman. High chance of goal line TDs vs a weak Steelers defense.
  8. Reed, saints defense has been destroyed all season.
  9. Who should I flex? I have Golladay in right now but with GB thin at WR I think they may run more.
  10. Carson and Ridley or Brown. Steelers games have been shootouts so far. I feel as though GB may end up getting a lead then running the ball.
  11. I just feel like the Packers will get up early and run it the rest of the game.
  12. Who do I start? Leaning with Ridley but now Cobb is out for GB.
  13. Michel then Kerryon then Jeffery. Cole then Willians then Gordon/Jones if you need upside.
  14. I was offered Hunt for DJ. Should I take it or see how DJ does with Rosen?
  15. I’d drop Watkins. Once Jeffery is healthy he should be productive with Wentz.