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  1. Not sure Willy will be freed. Last time Zeller went down, he didn't get 30 minutes. They were splitting the minutes between him, Williams and Bridges.
  2. Leader of the team with Kemba in town? 🤔 It would be a good landing spot though. The Hornets desperately need scoring options.
  3. Agree with that. Spo seems to really trust him. The minutes don't lie so far. I think that Derrick Jones Jr and Tyler Johnson are more likely to be the losers when everyone will be healthy.
  4. He was hired because talent development was one of his skills (that's what Clifford lacked a bit). Charlotte is in rebuilding mode, that's why he was hired. So I think Bridges will get his shot. Maybe not right off the bat... But he will make an impact this season imo.
  5. Borrego was hired to develop the young players. So it would make sense for him to give a lot of minutes to Bridges. Maybe not at the beginning of the season. But sure he's gonna play. The only threat is Marvin Williams... And besides Monk there are not many scoring options off the bench
  6. Looking for one more, email me at if you are still interested.