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  1. I think what you have chosen is fine, but if you have doubts about Buxton I'd consider any of Herrera/Familia/Giles as worthwhile options
  2. Darvish/Rendon/Contreras for me Help with mine?
  3. Betts/Altuve/Bryant/Arenado/Goldy for me Help with mine?
  4. In a 14-team 7x7 H2H dynasty league with a separate MiLB system in which I own Judge, we start CI/MI and 2 Util in addition to the other normal position slots. This is an OBP/SLG league, hence why I initially drafted Duda. However, Saladino's name keeps popping up as a decent speed sleeper and I could probably use him (not to mention 2B/SS eligibility on ESPN). I have an empty bench spot, so I could theoretically claim Saladino (likely just a $1 or $2 claim), drop Duda and add Judge to my bench. Does this seem like a worthwhile series of moves?
  5. I believe "settling" on moving arguably the best 3B in baseball to try and shore up SS, but then accepting a trade with no SS involved, would not be in your best interest. Like I said, I think you'd live to regret deviating from your original plan.
  6. I think I would aim to draft high-end closers to force the rest of your league to scramble, and ultimately reach, for lesser closers - creating value for you to take advantage of. I would also personally consider punting SB since speed seems to be harder to come by, which means your leaguemates may very well overpay for it, leaving you value in other categories. Generally speaking, in a categories league it's better to focus on hitting, so I would do what I could to ensure I have a strong OF (especially since it's broken down into LF/CF/RF - which I am not a fan of at all, btw haha). Grab 1-2 great closers, maybe an ace or borderline ace, and find value in SP depth rather than a top-heavy rotation. Help with mine?
  7. The 2nd keeper has got to be Marte or Story, imo. I don't trust Stanton or Pollock enough to risk losing a sure thing in Marte or the upside in a guy like Story. Personally, I would keep Marte as I feel he is safer than Story. Help with mine?
  8. If you put Arenado on the block aiming specifically for a SS, and you aren't being offered a top-tier SS, then I would keep Arenado. It sounds to me like you're deviating from your initial plan, and if you end up accepting something now you may regret it later. I think you may be able to get away with moving Kyle Seager or Bregman for a decent SS, depending on the SS depth of other teams. You may want to explore that option instead, as you should be able to land a SS better than Nunez and keep Arenado, which to me is a win-win. Help with mine?
  9. I'm starting to feel like Rush may in fact be some computer program that is programmed to respond to topics, though not very well as a majority of the community here must be aware of by now...
  10. You're going to get a million different answers here, but in reality this question can't simply be answered with a "yes" or "no". Sure, you could draft 3 aces and have an excellent, top-heavy rotation. But if you fail to draft any other pitchers, you're probably gonna screw yourself. Conversely, you could wait (as I often do) until the 4th or 5th round to draft your rotation's "ace," while also ensuring you have great depth, and have better overall pitcher production than the rest. Scoring, league size, categories/scoring, drafting tendencies, personal tendencies... all of these things and more determine the "right" answer to this question.
  11. With the news of Ian Desmond fracturing his hand, it seems likely that Parra will see significant playing time. I have an empty bench spot in a 7 x 7 dynasty and currently have a $1 bid in on him for the hell of it, but I'm wondering if it'd be worth bidding higher. We start 5 OF, 2 Util and a CI so i could slot him in at many spots.
  12. We start 5 OF's, my other starters include Harper/Cain/Pederson/Grichuk, while I drafted Aaron Judge in our MiLB draft who I should be able to start pretty quickly. In the short-term I could grab a FA like Werth or Joyce (both are decent in OBP settings), or plug Maybin in if he will be starting for the Angels.
  13. If you would be moving an MiLB player for Lackey, I'd hold. Your rotation is more than strong enough, and those prospects are all good. Help with mine? PLEASE REFER TO MY LATEST POST IN THE THREAD
  14. I don't think I'd burn the waiver on Eaton. You'd be paying for a whole lot of assumption and not much consistent track record. Help with mine? PLEASE REFER TO MY LATEST POST IN THE THREAD
  15. I'm not sure I trust JBJ's huge progression last season. I think I trust Piscotty more. Help with mine? PLEASE REFER TO MY LATEST POST IN THE THREAD