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  1. Arenado dynasty trade

    I'm on mobile so I can't see your sig :-/ hahaha
  2. Arenado dynasty trade

    I think it depends on the rest of your roster, but 9 times out of 10 I want Arenado since he's just amazing.
  3. ....i'm not sure I understand what biting his hand off means...? Lol
  4. I thiiiiink I'd sit tight since you're only keeping Darvish otherwise, and with that many keepers I can't imagine much pitching depth exists in an upcoming draft/FA. Help with mine?
  5. In a 12-team ESPN dynasty league with 8x8 H2H categories, with a roster built to win now, do I make this trade? This would leave my rotation as: Kluber/Severino/Verlander/Greinke/Luis Castillo/Paxton/Jon Gray/Wacha/Maeda (with Alex Reyes/Honeywell/Corbin Burnes/Albert Abreu in the minors) And my OF would be: Harper/Buxton/Cain/Domingo Santana/Conforto (DL)/Dexter Fowler/Jackie Bradley Feels like a slam dunk - but is it?
  6. G.Cole or L.Castillo?

    I prefer Cole in the short-term, as he's simply more proven. Love me some Luis Castillo, but the hype surrounding him after last season is insane - possibly blinding good judgment. Help with mine?
  7. AL-only Rank these FA Hitters -WHIR

    Honestly, I'd grab another pitcher. I understand that you're emphasizing hitting, but you've already got 3 bench bats. Bench bats don't record stats! If you are absolutely set on grabbing one of these bats, I guess I'd rank them: Choo (excellent option in OBP leagues!) Piscotty Lucroy Gurriel Help with mine?
  8. Vetoable Trade???

    I'd talk with each owner first. I've seen some questionable deals, but sometimes the owner getting the short end of the stick has a reason for doing the deal. I've also convinced owners in bad positions to simply put more thought into trades moving forward, which has helped quite a bit. If the owner who is being "shafted" has no good reason, I'd be more likely to veto the deal if it truly affects the competitive nature of the league. Help with mine?
  9. Keeper Trade? Do it? WHIR!

    If you're doing this deal, you should be keeping Snell - he's the young arm who has a lot of upside. Beltre likely won't be worth anything after this season, and Pomeranz is always a health risk. If you don't believe in Bauer (like many people) then make the deal. Bauer pitched quite well last season, and has high strikeout upside, but who knows if last season was what he will be moving forward? Help with mine?
  10. Roster Eval + Trade Ideas? WHIR!

    Would love some more input, fellas! I'll be around for an hour or two to offer help in return!
  11. Roster Eval + Trade Ideas? WHIR!

    The owner of Ozzie Albies is poking around about Ohtani and seems to have made him available - though it'd take more than Albies to pry Ohtani away from me!
  12. Segura or Xander?

    In a vacuum, Segura. For value purposes (since you should be able to get him later), I like Segura more as well. Segura offers much more speed, and honestly as much power as Bogaerts. Help with mine?
  13. I'd keep Moncada here. Young bat with tons of upside. I like Quintana, but his ceiling does not touch Moncada's, imo. Help with mine?
  14. Knebel for Weaver.... thoughts?

    Weaver for Knebel is fair, but I wouldn't move Castillo for Knebel. Love his upside. Help with mine?
  15. Trying To Trade For Jose Altuve

    This is tough because unless you are able to move Sanchez/Archer for Altuve, you're essentially paying for Altuve's value straight-up. Sanchez/Archer for Altuve is the best deal based on value. Machado/Archer for Altuve is less of a value, but ultimately IS still a value. Those are the 2 scenarios I'd explore. Your final keeper should he Hoskins based on having arguably the highest upside, though I think Devers could be a mainstay at 3B for you for a decade too. Help with mine?