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  1. Who do I keep?! WHIR

    I like Hill as your third keeper - especially in a 0.5 PPR, since Hill is a pretty decent bet for a big play or two each game. Help with mine?
  2. Gonna go ahead and bump this for... ya know... reciprocation.
  3. Trading Gronk?? WHIR

    I wouldn't move Quizz, as your RB depth isn't excellent. Gronk for Dez is a win. Help with mine?
  4. AJ Green for me. Great upside, isn't old as dirt. The others are riskier picks. Help with mine?
  5. D. Cook, Mixon, or Lynch- 100% WHIR

    I think in a redraft Lynch makes the most sense, followed by Cook. I personally like Cook more and think his upside could be tremendous, but what his role will be like when LMurray is fully healthy is unknown. Help with mine?
  6. The turmoil in BUF does not instill confidence in me re: many position players there. AB is as safe as they come - and you don't want to potentially "waste" a 1st-round pick. Go with AB! Help with mine?
  7. RB help..WHIR

    I think you're in surprisingly decent shape. Sproles will have a big role in PHI with Blount as the "top" back, JStew seemed to play well yesterday and Kareem Hunt is a big-time sleeper this season. Help with mine?
  8. How's my dynasty team? WHIR

    I like your team a lot - though I HATE standard scoring Strong RB mix of young & old, so you aren't killing your short-term ability to win. I like the Eifert/Njoku combo, though if Eifert gets hurt this year... I doubt you get much from Njoku in the short-term. Is this a 2QB league or somethin? 4 QB's is a ton, and I would gladly drop Jimmy G for another RB or TE. Help with mine?
  9. Currently slow-drafting in a 2nd-year PPR keeper, my roster is as follows: QB: Mariota (10th-round keeper) WR: Watkins/Crabtree (5th-round keeper)/Thielen (final-round keeper) RB: Cook/Riddick/Gore TE: Kelce (7th-round Keeper) All 3 RB's were drafted, as I have seen just how bad the RB landscape gets - and with all of the decent RB's that were kept... I felt like I had little choice in the matter. I'm thinking of grabbing Latavius Murray and/or Marlon Mack to handcuff Cook/Gore, but if I do then the remaining WR's will be (I imagine) not so great... Fortunately I'm completely comfortable at QB & TE, and my starting WR's are just fine to me - don't LOVE Watkins, but I got him at a decent value. Any input as to how I should proceed? Is Latavius Murray a must-own as a Cook owner, or should I assume he has already fallen into short-yardage and redzone work only?
  10. Help picking 2 keepers?

    Sanders is the better value here, easily. That and I think I like him more anyway
  11. RB looks scary this season but Thomas in the 10th is excellent value! Help with mine?
  12. McCoy for His D.Murray and Powell? WHIR

    I probably would do this, if only because Miller has under-produced quite a bit. Adding some depth can't hurt.
  13. Sammy Watkins is your WR3, AND Mixon is your RB3 - your team is good. Tyrod is inconsistent but your RB and WR depth is excellent. Help with mine?
  14. Need to finalize keepers in a 16-team PPR league. My options are a follows: QB: Mariota (10th) WR: Crabtree (5th), Thielen (Last), Robby Anderson (Last) RB: CJ Anderson (3rd), Gore (6th) TE: Kelce (7th) My initial thoughts were to keep Mariota/Crabtree/Gore/Kelce; however, I'm wondering if Mariota is worth keeping, even at his 10th-round value. QB continues to be deep, while RB is a wasteland. What do you guys think?!?
  15. In the middle of a start PPR Keeper league with a roster that currently consists of: QB: Luck (9th round - value seemed too good to pass up) WR: ODB/Robinson/Diggs/Moncrief/Jordan Matthews RB: Gurley/Montgomery/Abdullah/Kelley/Marlon Mack/Jonathan Williams TE: Rudolph I'm planning on drafting a 2nd QB to backup/fill-in for Luck (Dalton/Tyrod Taylor/Rivers, etc. available). I plan on passing on a Kicker until I need to grab one later. Both Kenneth Dixon & Quincy Enunwa have not yet been drafted, and both seem like they could be worth stashing in our IR spot (though if one of my value picks hits IR, that could screw me...) Who do you think is more worthy of stashing for the season and possibly keeping very late next season? Do I simply forego this strategy and just pick guys for this season?