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  1. Kerryon is a must. I think it may be worth the gamble of dropping Julio and Mixon back into the pool, as you may end up with another decent RB instead (someone like Gurley may drop with some concerns about his knee)
  2. Lots of 1st and 2nd round picks are going to be open as it appears many owners won't be keeping players in those rounds. I think if I let Cooper back into the fold he's gonna get scooped up before I can get him back. However, doing so could allow me to scoop up a rookie RB in the 2nd (or whatever startable RB may remain at that point).
  3. Mixon in the 3rd. With Melvin Gordon and Zeke both holding out RB is becoming quite thin. Mixon in the 3rd is good value. Help with mine?
  4. In a 16-team PPR keeper I have the following options available as keepers (keep 5): Dalvin Cook: 1st Amari Cooper: 2nd Aaron Jones: 5th Travis Kelce: 7th Chris Godwin: 9th Kenyan Drake: 15th Thielen: 16th My obvious keepers (in my opinion) are Aaron Jones, Kelce, and Thielen. I'm leaning towards keeping Cook and Cooper as well, considering I would be doing so at relatively fair value, with great value on my other 3. I like Godwin's upside to an extent but idk if keeping him over the 5 I currently plan on keeping makes sense. Drake is a complete wild card who I COULD keep for next-to-nothing, but I think MIA will continue to blow and it sounds like he is at best part of a committee. What do you guys think?
  5. So I ended up accepting the following deal quite hastily: His: Jesus Sanchez, Nolan Jones, Nimmo, Martin Perez My: Justin Upton, Brad Peacock Gained 2 good prospects, a 26-year-old OF and 28-year-old SP! May end up trying to flip Perez while he still has value
  6. If your team is competing now, trading for picks is counter-intuitive (in my opinion). Stay put!
  7. Sanchez's manager has offered me Sanchez and Nimmo (meh...) for my Justin Upton. I don't hate moving Upton, but as he's still injured I don't want to sell "low". Worth countering Upton for Sanchez/Jones or is that not enough for Upton? It'd be somewhat nice to keep the younger Puig...
  8. Wow this is a tough one. Bregman is obviously the top player here, but Torres+Eloy is a really nice combo, and if Dozier returns and continues to produce then I think that side ultimately wins. Avisail is playing well this season but is hurt quite often and has underwhelmed previously... I'd say if you're in the hunt now, you stay put. If you aren't, I think landing 3 quality young bats is worth it. Help with mine?
  9. This is a very interesting offer... I guess what it would boil down to for me is where you are currently in the standings/if you're competing to win this season. If you're in the hunt now and the loss of Albies would hurt your chances this season, I think you'd have to stay put. If you aren't in the hunt I would seriously consider making this move. Hiura's floor is likely quite a bit higher than that of Albies, while his upside is evident as well. Gore is a really nice add-on. Help with mine?
  10. 16-team roto dynasty in which I am not contending this season. First-place team needs help in SB and AVG/OBP. Wondering if it'd be worth offering Puig and Ryan Braun for his Jesus Sanchez and Nolan Jones. I'm looking for decent prospects/draft picks at this point, and I've coveted Sanchez for some time. I definitely need a good CI as well, which Jones could become. Thoughts? Would I be receiving enough in return for a still-28-year-old Puig and a surprisingly serviceable Braun?
  11. Don't see the need in trading for a guy like Teheran in a keeper. He's a mid-rotation "meh" kinda arm now. Doesn't excite me at all
  12. Think I'd rather have Cole here. Paddack was just demoted, so this season Cole will serve you better. He's also on the stronger team with league-leading Ks. Take the sure thing! Help with mine?
  13. Much rather have Olson. He has been hitting fairly well since his return from injury - with much better power numbers than Sano. Help with mine?
  14. In a 16-team roto dynasty league with SVH (combined), an owner is seeking relievers and is offering Dakota Hudson or Cal Quantrill for Hector Neris. I'm currently in 10th place and certainly interested in moving relievers for young arms if I can. Both Hudson and Quantrill seem to have their warts - is either arm the clear better choice here?
  15. This is a very strong team in general - luck hasn't broken your way just yet, it seems. I'd maybe try and move Dickerson and one of your lower arms to upgrade at SP but honestly, in a shallow league Dickerson may only be a bench bat, ya know?