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  1. He isn't gonna move Keuchel, unfortunately :/ Current offer is his Odorizzi/Pineda/Lorenzen for my Oh/Robertson
  2. My staff isn't necessarily "weak" (Kluber/Verlander/Gausman/Hamels/Lackey/Severino/Hellickson/Conley), but guys like Hamels/Lackey/Verlander could all fall off with their increasing age, so perhaps I could use a youth injection?
  3. Being offered Pineda/Odorizzi for Oh/Robertson now...
  4. The same owner has Keuchel, who I am high on this season (and moving forward). Do you think it would be wise to either up my offer to Oh for Keuchel, or possibly a scenario like Oh/Robertson for Keuchel/Lorenzen (for Holds, since Iglesias is pitching well as the closer in CIN)?
  5. Think I'd stay put as well. Help with mine?
  6. I'd move KRod for Felix at this point. I'd drop a bench bat for Garrett. Hernandez may be hot right now but Turner and Gordon are mainstays you need to be starting. I have no issue with dropping him and starting Turner/Gordon, personally. Help with mine?
  7. Why would someone drop Paxton...? Hell yeah you should claim him! Help with mine?
  8. My closer depth in my dynasty league includes Oh, Robertson, Kelley/Glover, Bedrosian - with Vizcaino as a dart-throw for Saves if Jim Johnson is moved. We also count Holds in this league (separately), so having Vizcaino, Kelley/Glover is helpful in that respect. With Robertson likely to be a trade candidate, Oh looking iffy (and not a young fireballer), Bedrosian on the DL and the headache that is the WAS bullpen, I feel as though it may not be worth focusing on Saves at this point. I may instead switch my focus to Holds. With Pineda being 28, with high K upside, it feels close to a no-brainer to accept this. What do you guys think?
  9. Seems like a decent deal. I have little faith in Thames - this isn't his first MLB rodeo... Help with mine?
  10. I would drop Iwakuma for Ryu in a heartbeat. I think he offers much more upside. Help with mine?
  11. In an ESPN dynasty league, H2H 7x7 categories scoring, Paxton's owner is looking for a bat. My 3B depth includes Rendon/Beltre/Eugenio Suarez. My rotation includes Verlander/Kluber/Hamels/Gausman/Lackey/Hellickson/Severino/Conley. I love Paxton's potential upside, but his injury history is concerning. I drafted Rendon to be my regular 3B following Beltre's likely upcoming retirement, but i have Eugenio Suarez. No 3B prosects in my farm system, unfortunately.
  12. I'm in 3 leagues currently but it just isn't enough for me. A friend of mine is also looking, so we can both a join in a league in need. Not particularly interested in anymore $$$ leagues at this point. Please let me know ASAP if you need a couple more bodies!
  13. The point is that I will have an empty roster spot so I can use it to stash at least one RP. Which of the RP's I listed is most worth stashing?!? Ugh...
  14. Ziegler is the only RP of the 3 you mentioned that is in FA. I know the others would be good stashes...
  15. Cain/Kiermaier for speed pretty easily.