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  1. Sanders is the better value here, easily. That and I think I like him more anyway
  2. RB looks scary this season but Thomas in the 10th is excellent value! Help with mine?
  3. I probably would do this, if only because Miller has under-produced quite a bit. Adding some depth can't hurt.
  4. Sammy Watkins is your WR3, AND Mixon is your RB3 - your team is good. Tyrod is inconsistent but your RB and WR depth is excellent. Help with mine?
  5. Need to finalize keepers in a 16-team PPR league. My options are a follows: QB: Mariota (10th) WR: Crabtree (5th), Thielen (Last), Robby Anderson (Last) RB: CJ Anderson (3rd), Gore (6th) TE: Kelce (7th) My initial thoughts were to keep Mariota/Crabtree/Gore/Kelce; however, I'm wondering if Mariota is worth keeping, even at his 10th-round value. QB continues to be deep, while RB is a wasteland. What do you guys think?!?
  6. In the middle of a start PPR Keeper league with a roster that currently consists of: QB: Luck (9th round - value seemed too good to pass up) WR: ODB/Robinson/Diggs/Moncrief/Jordan Matthews RB: Gurley/Montgomery/Abdullah/Kelley/Marlon Mack/Jonathan Williams TE: Rudolph I'm planning on drafting a 2nd QB to backup/fill-in for Luck (Dalton/Tyrod Taylor/Rivers, etc. available). I plan on passing on a Kicker until I need to grab one later. Both Kenneth Dixon & Quincy Enunwa have not yet been drafted, and both seem like they could be worth stashing in our IR spot (though if one of my value picks hits IR, that could screw me...) Who do you think is more worthy of stashing for the season and possibly keeping very late next season? Do I simply forego this strategy and just pick guys for this season?
  7. If I were to grab a TE right now it likely wouldn't be Walker... with Corey Davis incoming, Decker added and Walker's continuing aging, I'm not sure I want to risk him this season.
  8. My concern is that I play with a bunch of people who think that way and almost value keeper value more than win-now value; so while I agree that I COULD go in that direction, Mack and/or Williams could legit both be drafted before my next pick... I hate RB this season haha
  9. Moncrief at WR3 isn't bad at all - I'd probably keep him. Help with mine?
  10. Only TE's drafted are Gronk/Kelce/Eifert/Olsen/Reed, I believe. I'm more than ok with waiting at TE, especially with the way RB is shaping up in this league. There won't be anything left in 2-3 rounds.
  11. Draft best player available, avoid QB/TE until later. Trust me, RB becomes a real mess very quickly and I would hate to see you use a pick on a TE or QB that you can find similar value in later. Help with mine? Could use help ASAP!
  12. I like both deals but if you could get the first deal, I think you'd make out quite well. Moving Howard for Bell in a PPR would be excellent! Help with mine? Could use help ASAP!
  13. I think you should wait on QB and draft more RB's, as I am in the middle of a competitive PPR Keeper and RB becomes such a complete ****storm so quickly... If you're deadset on grabbing a QB, I want Rodgers over Brady. The difference should not be astronomical, though. Help with mine? Could use help ASAP!
  14. I still take Ajayi with that value - it's pretty incredible. Cutler is a competent enough QB - it's not like Tannehill is leaps-and-bounds above him... Having Landry/Parker at WR will still help open up the run game some. Help with mine? Need help ASAP!
  15. In a 12-team startup PPR keeper slow draft, my team is currently as follows: WR: ODB/Allen Robinson/Stefon Diggs/Donte Moncrief RB: Gurley/Ty Montgomery/Ameer Abdullah I am not kidding when I say that, in the 8th round the best RB's available are just... not at all good. Some sneaky starters like: Jacquizz Rodgers Rob Kelley Frank Gore James White but otherwise it's a wasteland of rookie RB's/backups/dart throw plays... Kamara/Marlon Mack/Joe Williams/Jamaal Williams (who I hope I can grab in a few rounds to handcuff Ty), etc. There are many decent WR/TE/QB targets remaining so I feel that I need to pick another RB right now. My gut initially says Rob Kelley, as he is still just 24 years old and is technically still the starter. What do you guys think? I could really use some insight here!