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  1. Keep 3: AB, Gronk, Adams, T. Hill

    AB/Gronk/Adams seems like the highest-upside trio. Of course Hill could outscore Adams, but I think anyone would want the top target in an Aaron Rodgers offense... Help with mine?
  2. 12-team PPR 5-keeper league, plan on keeping: Gurley (2nd round) Diggs (5th round) Wentz (12th round) Remaining options include Odell (1st), Rudolph (11th), Doctson (last round), Aaron Jones (last round). I have Allen Robinson at a 3rd-round value, and another owner is very interested. I can't imagine keeping ARob for a 3rd, so I might as well sell. Owner has offered up Sterling Shepard (9th-round value), JuJu (last-round, but values him a ton), or Funchess (last round). JuJu would be my preferred get, but the owner is sort of back-stepping. Shepard in the 9th seems like decent value, but with Odell back, Engram gaining experience and Barkley coming in I'm not sure how productive he'll be moving forward. What do you guys think? Worth moving ARob for any of the 3? If so, is it worth simply swapping 1-for-1? Any ideas would be great!
  3. Paxton for Hader WHIR

    Paxton for Hader is excellent value. Tons of pitchers register Holds - not easy to find an SP like Paxton.
  4. Return for Herrera/Allen? WHIR!

    I'd certainly try to move your closers and maybe a lesser SP for deGrom/Simmons.
  5. Which OF??

    Dahl in the short term, but Mazara for the ROS - pretty easily for me. Hitting very well and if he continues his pace will definitely outscore the other options.
  6. Trade help (keeper league) WHIR

    I think with Darvish struggling so badly, and Weaver not exactly anchoring your rotation, adding Martinez to the mix makes a lot of help. He's a young arm too, which never hurts! Help with mine?
  7. In a 12-team Fantrax league I have a great lineup, with Rendon needing to come off the DL. I currently have Kipnis at MI, with Eduardo Escobar at 3B (since Rendon was out). I need to put Rendon back in at 3B, and I don't have another droppable bat (MAYBE Conforto, but his upside is too high, imo). Don't have much droppable pitching either (and much prefer having bench arms to bench bats). The rest of my rotation includes deGrom, Paxton, Cueto (DL), Felix, Newcomb, Faria, Pivetta. With Kipnis starting so poorly, is he the drop? Will Escobar continue to be a startable asset?
  8. I also have Domingo Santana... tried to edit my post but THAT didn't work out...
  9. I think that's too much to offer for one closer. Perez is a top-5 (or better) option at C, and Raisel himself is a closer... Perez alone should be more than enough for Davis, honestly. Closers are rarely worth paying for, imo - too flaky. Help with mine?
  10. Tad early to use your final add, imo. No crazy exciting names there, probably better to wait it out. Help with mine?
  11. In an ESPN 7x7 H2H Categories dynasty league, the owner of Moncada has placed him in the trade block, asking for OF help. My OF in dynasty includes Harper/Buxton/Cain/Conforto/Fowler/T. Hernandez/Jackie Bradley. Other notable hitters include Trea Turner, Abreu, E. Rendon, Odor, Corey Seager, E. Suarez... as you can see, it's a strong roster with "veteran youth" as I tend to call it. My team is pretty good overall - power and speed across the board, basically. My pitching is also very strong, so while I'm not necessarily in a spot with a huge need, Moncada is a young, high-upside player I can get for a decent price. Do I try and sell Conforto for Moncada while he's healthy, or move Cain who's a little older?
  12. Arenado dynasty trade

    I'm on mobile so I can't see your sig :-/ hahaha
  13. Arenado dynasty trade

    I think it depends on the rest of your roster, but 9 times out of 10 I want Arenado since he's just amazing.
  14. ....i'm not sure I understand what biting his hand off means...? Lol
  15. I thiiiiink I'd sit tight since you're only keeping Darvish otherwise, and with that many keepers I can't imagine much pitching depth exists in an upcoming draft/FA. Help with mine?