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  1. First week of the playoffs, tough choice, neither is particularly inspiring based on the last couple of weeks Thank you and good luck
  2. Need to decide between Brady or Ryan, tough choice. Neither is appealing to me following the past couple of weeks. Will help in return. Good Luck this week!
  3. I need to choose between Ryan, Brady and Trubisky. 1 point for every 50 yards passing and 4 points for a passing TD and 6 points for a rushing TD. Matty Ice all out killed me last week. I know the numbers say Matt, buy I am leaning towards Mitch if he plays. Am I crazy? Thank you for your help, I will definitely help in return. I win I am in. Thank you and good luck.
  4. I need 7 points from Jake Elliott What are my chances? Good luck to all!!
  5. Must win situation, my only lineup question. The stats say Ryan, my gut says Brady. Help please. 1 point for every 50 yards passing and 4 points for passing TD's. WHIR Thank you and good luck this weekend.
  6. I like Dixon, there is a reason they have held him for so long. When he is on the field he appears to be their best back. Matches up well with a L Jackson offense going forward as well. My question Ryan or Brady I need to win to get into the playoffs. Thanks in advance. good luck
  7. I have to choose between Brady and Ryan. Difficult choice
  8. Have to, Lost Melvin G last week. Hoping for the best in a must win scenario. Zeke is my other back,
  9. Just picked him up. Have a feeling he will be a force in the 2nd half of the season.