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  1. I would bet on Washington. He might be starting for the Hornets, a rebuilding team 12/5/1 with 1 3ptm, 1.2 steal, 0.7 blocks is possible. FG% maybe around 46%, FT% i think around 72%
  2. I play in a deep league, 14 teams roto (12 cats) I took him as my last pick, hope he turns out well. This is my team: PG) Doncic SG) DeAngelo Russell G) Terence Ross SF) Joe Ingles PF) Alex Len F) Zach Collins C) DeAndre Ayton C) Valanciunas Util) Thomas Bryant Util) Dragic Bench) Dario Saric Bench) Fournier Was considering between Fournier, Darius Garland and Cedi Osman
  3. Him or John Collins? I heard Skal was considered a potential #1 draft pick for the 2016 NBA draft. But he underperformed and fell all the way to late 1st round