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  1. He worked his butt off yesterday, I'm worried about next week (and the weeks after), the PATS only have to focus on him, I doubt he can get a lot done next week. But I have to admire his work ethic last night.
  2. Ben is out for the year, so if his injury isn't that bad this might be good news for him?
  3. I'm behind 23 points in full PPR, I have Bell and Njoku and he has the Cleveland dst going, slim change, Jeffrey and Woods screwed me big time. I don't think Jeffrey even ran a route, at least I didn't see him.
  4. I think it's important not to look too far ahead, yeah you can save team X for week 12, but you first need to get there. A lot can happen in those weeks and a pick that looks like a no doubter can be totally different in a few weeks. I don't look beyond the next week, because my focus is this week.
  5. I figured that you were Dutch, I'm Dutch too born and raised, living here now for a few years.
  6. I would be interested in one of your $50 leagues (not the 2QB one) and possibly the survivor pool one. How can I join?
  7. I don't have Samuels, I do have Connor and Bell, and I must say he didn;t look that bad. The injury to Big Ben hurt him (and the whole team). I do hope, for the Steelers sake (since I'm eliminated), that Connor comes back sooner then later.
  8. Cost me the playoffs (and McCoys 0), he will be on my DND list. My team had some injuries, but I blame having to play him on a poor draft.
  9. Lol that's funny, I have been in this survivor pool for 3 years now, the first year I won, the second year I went against two of my rules (pick against the NYG and don't pick a SUN/MON/THU night game) and lost. This year I was pretty confident about my PIT pick, but the writing was on the wall with Connor out, Ben hurt (PIT is absolutely nothing without him),. Oh well there is always next year.
  10. Picked PIT, was one of the 8 in a 41k pot left, it sucks.
  11. Have to pick one out of these 3, yes it's that bad, Keke Coutee vs Ind, MVS vs ATL or Trequan Smith vs TB.
  12. I probably start either Keke or MVS over him, yes it's this bad, but I'm sure if I do he goes off. I picked him up week 1, only played him when he did nothing (after his big week against WAS).
  13. Will try, I might have to saddle up a buzz buzz this weekend, thanks !
  14. Yes, you are right, I might just go with Keke (if he plays) he might have a little bit of a floor. I like your avatar, seen The Cramps in concert many many times.
  15. My choices for my WR2 are Keke, Trequan and MVS, I'm leaning towards Trequan since I could use him going off this week. I'm worried that he's not and I might change my mind over the next few days. I lost Conner and Hunt in the last week, I need a miracle.....