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  1. I'd take this deal for either, but I'd rather have Hopkins than Beckham. I think you can make due with Conner and White until Ingram returns, and then you're trotting out a pretty ridiculous lineup for a 16-team league, especially in 0.5 PPR. Thanks for the response on mine.
  2. I would give it a C+. The early Newton pick really hurt your WR depth. If Bell reports soon, you could really be hurting at RB depth as well, but if he's gone until week 10 as is the current speculation, you're pretty solid there. Unlike others, I really don't mind carrying two D/STs. I'd drop Brate and Goff before dropping either D/ST. Thanks for the response on mine.
  3. 0.5 PPR league (team in signature) where I made the following trade: Sent: Golden Tate and Alfred Morris Received: Davante Adams What would you give this trade on a scale of 1(worst)-10(best)? Do you see any other moves I might consider making? As always, post a link to your question below your response and I'll answer as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Thanks in advance!
  4. He was my last player picked, so that was just the remainder of my budget to speed up the end of the auction.
  5. I love your top three players in a full PPR format. Stafford is also a great snag in a league that awards points per completion. I think you've got a good amount of upside mixed with safe bye week fill-ins on your bench. I'm not overly fond of pairing Rudolph when you already have Thielen, but it's not the end of the world. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if one of Freeman, Lewis, or Carson became your second Flex starter at some point this season, as I'm not that high on Thomas and think it could be tricky to predict target distribution on a weekly basis between Thomas/Sanders/Sutton. Thanks for the response on mine! Curious how you all ended up at exactly a $540 buy-in? Just kind of seems like a strange number haha.
  6. I think Landry is multiple tiers better than Sanders in 0.5 PPR. He just has such a high floor with a good amount of upside as well. I'm not entirely certain I want a piece of that Denver WR group, as I'm really not sure how targets are going to be distributed between Thomas/Sanders/Sutton/TEs/RBs. I would much prefer rolling out Ryan on a weekly basis than Goff. Ryan has also consistently taken significant steps forward throughout his career in the second year under each new offensive coordinator. I think the addition of Ridley can really unleash another level of production for Ryan as well. Return the favor?
  7. Give me Mixon over Hill in a 0.5 PPR format. The choice would be more difficult in non-PPR. Yes, Mixon didn't have the best preseason, but I think he'll get a ton of touches, especially in the passing game. Hill is going to be boom/bust, both because of his play style and because Mahomes is going to have some growing pains. Either for a 10th round pick is a steal, but I prefer Mixon. Return the favor?
  8. I just think JuJu is a better player than Hogan, so I would pick him; however, I wouldn't let that potential decision in round five impact your choice of whether or not to take Gronk. I would be thrilled to grab Gronk late in round 2 in a 12-team league. Don't over-analyze stacking players. I would rank them: (1) Howard, (2) Mixon, (3) McKinnon, and (4) McCoy. Return the favor?
  9. I would not give up Allen at a 5th round value in full PPR. Pairing him with Beckham more than makes up for having to fall back on Howard/Collins at RB (which is actually still a really solid group). You just need to look for PPR value RBs later in the draft, but I think that keeping what you've got at WR sets you up best of the three options. If you just can't stomach that pairing, I would rather have Hunt in the 4th than McCaffrey in the 3rd. Return the favor?
  10. I'm definitely keeping the maximum five players in your situation. I would keep Adams for sure. My next choice would be between Diggs, Baldwin, and Collins. Given the full PPR format, I think Diggs and Baldwin are the better options than Collins. I think Diggs is a superior selection to Baldwin simply for the fact that Baldwin's knee injury is likely to linger all season. It also helps to have seen how Cousins has looked Diggs's way this preseason. So I would ultimately keep Adams and Diggs. Return the favor?
  11. I don't think Amendola really does anything for your team, and at this point in the season I'm always looking to build up RB depth if possible. I would stand pat and just hold Booker for now. We also still don't have 100% clarity on the Denver RB situation, so Booker could increase his value going forward (however unlikely you might think that to be the case). Return the favor?
  12. I think Thomas is definitely the better player and certainly more valuable this year, but if you can keep either on a going-forward basis indefinitely, I think it's well worth at least considering Adams given the uncertainty of Brees's long term future in the league. I'd still probably just bet on the superior talent with Thomas, but it's at least important to mention the relative stage of Brees and Rodgers's careers and how that impacts Thomas and Adams, respectively, beyond this season. Return the favor?
  13. I would personally stand pat. I think McCaffrey will significantly outproduce McKinnon this year, especially in full PPR. Adams is definitely above Robinson, but I have faith in Nagy to re-tool that offense and utilize Robinson both as a downfield threat and as a major RZ target. It's just hard to trade away a RB with 90-100 catch upside in a 1 PPR format. Return the favor?