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  1. Is this Veto-Able

    Looks like team A's 1st and 3rd for team B's 3rd, 4th, and 5th? I would say it's close to veto, Team A is definitely losing
  2. Mitch Haniger 2018 Outlook

    Thank you Bench Heat
  3. Championship squads

    3PEAT CHAMP!!! 12 Team H2H 9 Cat 1 Seed 103-75-2 (last 2 years was keepers, this year we started fresh) PG - Westbrook, Lowry, Cook SG - Ingles, LeVert, Lamb SF - Prince, Oubre, Aminu PF - Giannis, Griffin(IL), Young C - Whiteside, Jonas, Kaminsky, Looney Trades Draymond Green for Lowry (draft day) Oladipo/Gordon/Taj for Giannis/Young Fournier/Schoder for Whiteside Drops/IL Batum, Griffin
  4. Dropped Jarrett Allen for him, easy bye week add to see how he does
  5. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline Thread

    Could Lopez be on the move?
  6. Trade Away Klay? WHIR

    Getting Wall would be nice, but I think your set on Guards. I would try to upgrade your bigs. Of the 3 that he wants I would feel most comfortable trading Klay. Target Whiteside, his value isn't where it should be right now so you can probably get a nice kicker in the deal. Klay/Chriss for Whiteside/Warren? Thanks for mine.
  7. LMA to Gordon is pretty close considering their current situations and I generally like Ibaka over Aminu Gordon and Ibaka for me Help?
  8. For my 12 team in Sig Was offered Butler and Porter for my Giannis and Batum. I was intrigued at first, but then felt like it wasn't enough. Should I ask for more? Is it just right? Thanks Whir
  9. Pick a WR and FLEX 100% WHIR

    DT and Diggs Thanks for mine
  10. Help with my lineup - WHIR

    Green and Gordon... Crabtree could get a lot of work with Cooper out though.. Lutz
  11. ****DST INPUT/Discussion!!! WHIR!

    As a bears fan from Chicago, I would lean towards the Lions...though the Bears could go run heavy in this game Thanks for mine
  12. QB help WHIR

    between these 2 I would risk it with Rodgers Help?
  13. Dak/Rogers and WR Help - WHIR!!!

    Rodgers would have the most upside, and if you go that route then might as well pick Jordy for wr With that said, I would play it safe with Dak and Baldwin Thanks for mine
  14. DT or Crowder PPR - WHIR

    DT for same reason above Help
  15. Pick 2 WRs for semis! WHIR

    I would Roll with Green and D. Thomas... Crowder I wouldn't trust with the options you have. Help?