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  1. 10 team I’m assuming? Lots of red flags, if they all hit then you’ll look like a genius.
  2. Watson, or he needs to add to make the trade worth while for you
  3. Yes 12 team .5 ppr redraft, and he has Rudolf
  4. Getting offered Evans and Engram for my JuJu and Andrews I view JuJu and Evans pretty close and Engram seems like and upgrade to Andrews, though I see him as a sleeper TE1. Is this an easy accept? whir
  5. My Lowry and kuzma for his Kawhi, Yay or Nay? Kinda selling high on Lowry? But a little concerned about Kawhi sitting here and there. Thoughts? my team PG - Curry, Irving, Lowry SG - Rjax, Brown, Green SF - Parker, Ariza PF - Blake, Bagley, Kuzma C - Collins, Jonas, TT IL - PorzingiS
  6. Looks like team A's 1st and 3rd for team B's 3rd, 4th, and 5th? I would say it's close to veto, Team A is definitely losing
  7. 3PEAT CHAMP!!! 12 Team H2H 9 Cat 1 Seed 103-75-2 (last 2 years was keepers, this year we started fresh) PG - Westbrook, Lowry, Cook SG - Ingles, LeVert, Lamb SF - Prince, Oubre, Aminu PF - Giannis, Griffin(IL), Young C - Whiteside, Jonas, Kaminsky, Looney Trades Draymond Green for Lowry (draft day) Oladipo/Gordon/Taj for Giannis/Young Fournier/Schoder for Whiteside Drops/IL Batum, Griffin
  8. Dropped Jarrett Allen for him, easy bye week add to see how he does
  9. Getting Wall would be nice, but I think your set on Guards. I would try to upgrade your bigs. Of the 3 that he wants I would feel most comfortable trading Klay. Target Whiteside, his value isn't where it should be right now so you can probably get a nice kicker in the deal. Klay/Chriss for Whiteside/Warren? Thanks for mine.
  10. LMA to Gordon is pretty close considering their current situations and I generally like Ibaka over Aminu Gordon and Ibaka for me Help?
  11. For my 12 team in Sig Was offered Butler and Porter for my Giannis and Batum. I was intrigued at first, but then felt like it wasn't enough. Should I ask for more? Is it just right? Thanks Whir