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  1. Time to drop Cooper?

    I dropped him in my 10man league. No regerts
  2. Greg Olsen 2018 Outlook

    Grabbed this guy last week just before kick off. I need him for my fill-in when Graham goes on bye week 7. After that he can get hurt or whatever.
  3. Seal-Jones or Njoku WHIR

    I would stick with Njoku
  4. Lineup advice...WHIR!

    I am rolling with Ridley in my WR2 spot in both leagues. I am riding the wave while it lasts. If it was PPR Edelman may be a better option.
  5. I have Gronk and don't like that I am starting him but no other option. I wouldn't start both, probably lean towards benching Gordon since he is probably still learning the playbook and you have better options on your bench for flex vs te.
  6. Pickup Collins or Crowell? WHIR

    Yeah that is my dillema. I want to give Cook more time to get healthy and hopefully turn it around. Drake is not hurt and not being utilized. Plus Gore is stealing a lot of carries and goal line work.
  7. In my 10man standard league Alex Collins and Isaiah Crowell were dropped should I pick one of them up? My team is below, my RBs have been struggling. Thinking of dropping Drake for Collins. QB-T.Brady RB-D.Cook RB-K.Drake WR-A.Jeffery WR-C.Ridley TE-R.Gronkowski FLEX- J.Conner K-H.Butker DEF-Tennessee Bench QB-Matt Ryan RB-T.Coleman RB-A.Peterson RB-M.Ingram WR-A.Cooper WR-E.Sanders
  8. Drop AP for L.Murray?

    Peterson is only person I would consider. Lineup T.Brady K.Drake J.Conner E.Sanders K.Cole R.Gronkowski T.Coleman (flex) Bench M.Ryan M.Ingram D.Cook A.Peterson A.Cooper A.Jeffery
  9. Should I drop AP for L.Murray? 10man standard scoring. My running backs are Drake,Conner,T.Coleman (flex). Bench: M.Ingram,Peterson, D.Cook (inactive) I love the Buffalo matchup this week for Murray. But, wondering if I should just stay put. AP has a bye next week and could lose him to waiver wire. If I pick him up who would I start him over?
  10. Trade Josh Gordon?

    If you can get AJ Green for this guy then have at it. Everyone is running on the hype train like they normally do with Josh Gordon every year. Does he have great talent and skill, of course. But, he is not going to put up Randy Moss numbers with Brady. So you are smart to try and trade him while everyone is hyped about him. I am a Brady owner, but hard to trust anyone catching balls in NE except Gronk at this point. If you think he is going to be a stud, then hold off, but I suspect you see he doesn't have a future as certain as AJ Green (in terms of producing or even playing next year), which is why you want to deal Gordon in the first place.
  11. Which WR to Pickup?

    Looking to drop Peyton Barber for a WR. 10man standard scoring Options: D.Jackson K.Cole K.Golladay My team: QB T.Brady RB J.Conner RB D.Cook WE E.Sanders WE A.Cooper TE R.Gronkowski FLEX A.Peterson Bench QB M.Ryan RB P.Barber RB T.Coleman RB K.Drake RB M.Ingram WR A.Jeffery
  12. Drop Stafford for Mahomes?

    Thanks guys. I assumed I would do it, but wanted opinions.
  13. I am in a 10man standard league. Should I drop Stafford for Mahomes? I have #1 waiver pick (resets each week based on standings). QB-Stafford RB-Hunt RB-Barkley WR-Baldwin WR-M.Jones FLEX-J.Howard TE-J.Graham Bench QB-P.Rivers RB-A.Peterson WR-M.Crabtree RB-J.Conner RB-P.Barber RB-T.Coleman
  14. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    I don't watch pokimon or whatever that is. But figured I would put this in the minds of Bell owners who want to hold on to him assuming they are going to get elite RB production from Bell (assuming he does hold out most of the year)
  15. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    What happens if Bell comes back Week 10 or whatever it is and they put him on the field? Will he give 100% or not. Will he try to preserve himself and not risk injury?