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  1. Damn. I really didn't think he was going to be suspended. Obviously something is coming out.
  2. Titans Jaguars has been an eyesore for like ten years straight.
  3. I don't think he ends up getting suspended. Honestly. That's not even optimism/homerism, I just don't think there is anything there they will find that they would deem necessary to do it.
  4. Probably be the next Patriots resurrection project.
  5. Value sunk because of Hock, I imagine though he will blow up a few times since he will get a lot of 1v1.
  6. Well I honestly think Kyle Allen can provide more than the corpse of Cam Newton. Plus he was open for a lot of dump offs but Cam decided to noodle arm passes ten feet from guys 20 years downfield instead.
  7. That's my main hope, that although the efficiency will go down CMC could be looking at legit 30 touches in many games.
  8. Kyle Allen actually played decent in week 17 last year in New Orleans. Granted, it was against mostly backups as the game progressed.
  9. Allen is second on the depth chart so I assume that's who gets to ball.
  10. I think games with a high expected total are ones to play Duke, otherwise sit him. Kinda like Chris Thompson.
  11. There is no way any NFL QB could throw worse than he did on Thursday night, and he obviously was hobbled enough that he couldn't run anyway. You'd rather have a healthy Cam Newton, but this is where we are. Off topic but kind of funny the top three picks (Barkley, Kamara, CMC) all will likely have different quarterbacks three weeks into the season.
  12. I feel like this is simply a backfield I'd avoid. Because of the injury probability there's likely to be a different lead back in any given week.
  13. I kind of regret getting involved in this backfield. I don't think either Lindsay or Freeman is particularly great. I guess Lindsay is a decent flex and bye week filler but I'd hate to use him as anything but. Let's see how he does against a lesser defense. Oakland's defensive front is pretty stout, clearly their secondary is the weakness and the Bears have talent at pretty much every position.
  14. I think he'll still be running quite a bit, but it definitely doesn't look like his legs will quite be the factor many were anticipating. Seems like they have zero intention of running the ball though, so he's going to rack up plenty of passing yards.
  15. I’m going to keep and hope for the best. If he doesn’t get suspended he’s a WR1 and probably only beaten out by Nuk and and a few others.