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  1. Yeah I like Engram but it seems Manning doesn’t like to throw his way much. I’d go Thomas here as I feel they will have to throw a lot to keep up with New Orleans
  2. Yeah I had Allen and Hill Thursday night so I need a big game
  3. Yeah same here I have Dak in but man it’s tough. I keep hearing Detroit is good against running qbs so Im leaning dak right now
  4. I need a big game. I had Allen and Hill on Thursday night. Whir
  5. Im starting him over Woods. You would be pissed If you say him and he went off. Help
  6. Hill is playing tomorrow so guessing it isn’t that damaged
  7. I’m with others on this go Woods and TY. Good luck
  8. Yeah I would stick with Jones. Being a division game i think it will be closer than expected. And he will get his touches. Good luck
  9. Appreciate the help. Only thing that scares me about Allen is Rivers doesn’t play good in KC. And Hill if he plays how long will he be out there 😞
  10. I have Hopkins which I’m starting already so need to fill 2 other slots. .5PPR whir Hill vs Chargers Allen vs Chiefs Woods vs Eagles