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  1. Didn’t play Henry today but feeling great about him going forward if he can stay healthy.
  2. The flash where that guy drafted Henderson instead of Brown.
  3. 12 team, 0.5 PPR, 2 RB / 3 WR / 1 TE / 1 W/R/T Give: Chark & Woods Get: Tyreek My roster: QB: Ryan, Brees (IR) RB: Conner, Carson, Gordon, Brown WR: Evans, Woods, Sanders, Chark, Crowder TE: Walker, Henry K: Tucker DEF: TEN/SF Thoughts? Leaning towards accepting. Other team desperately needs WR depth and Tyreek has an established body of work. WHIR
  4. Benny the Snail isn't going to stop this train. All aboard!!!!!
  5. TD saved his week. Are we right to think that the Steelers are going to need to lean on this guy with an undrafted QB likely to be their starter on Sunday?
  6. The difference is that Walker has seen 2 targets in each game the last two weeks. He's either been game planned out of this offense or he's hurt. Either way, it doesn't bode well considering that Tennessee's offense is bad to begin with.
  7. Stashed Hunter Henry. This guy hasn't done anything since week 3.
  8. Sit him, the experts said. Good job. He won’t see my bench again this season. Dude’s a monster.
  9. Almost wish this jabroni would miss a week so I don't have to worry about the committee.
  10. Stud. This guy is more than living up to the 3rd round price I paid for him. With the fumbles behind him this guy is going to put up RB1 numbers.
  11. Been saying Nagy doesn't know what he's doing since he torpedoed Howard's value last year. Looks like he catches just fine.
  12. This aged well. He's back to save my RB corps! Had him last year and it was one hell of a ride.
  13. Having a laugh at the Ekeler homers legitimately arguing that the guy is as good as Gordon. Gordon was crushing it before he got injured last year and he certainly would convert the short-yardage situations that Ekeler has struggled with.
  14. Stud stud stud. Absolutely monster game.