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  1. I agree. Too complacent and yet still posts a great line.
  2. If you watch him he doesn't look like he will be a great rebounder. He's kinda like the Brook Lopez mould where he just waits for the rebound to come to him instead of fighting for it.
  3. Not complaining haha. Just commenting on how his defensive potential is just so huge especially his block rate in college.
  4. less fouls means less defensive stats as well?
  5. 17mins even when he is playing so well and now spurs have the lead
  6. The latest blurb was still when he got rested right?
  7. Not really unsustainable per se but just more prone to duds due to playing time limits haha. Since its 8teams I wonder if handcuffing is really a good idea.
  8. Yeah Clarke's been ballin and surely will regress. Just a bit worried with the 22min cap on him so if he doesn't do well he doesn't have that extra minutes to make up for it like the 30min guys. I also own JJJ lol and was just using Clarke as a handcuff when JJJ got injured but now he's too good.
  9. Based on pure value alone, I would take Tobias and Fox no hesitation. You would def take a hit in boards blks and FG but I wouldn't pass up on this esp with Bulls bad playoff sched and Philly's good sched. I'd say get the most value now and worry about fit later. To add I don't trust Whiteside's health and Tobi is as consistent as they come. Fox looks like a better PG than Lavine already.
  10. Thanks. I was tempted by Favors and Smart for the opportunity
  11. Tough to say but in 14teams I would keep my #4 waiver. Its still early in the season.