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  1. He’s a tough sit when he’s active. My only other option is Samuel. I’ll be rolling the dice and firing him up. Good luck to everyone who fires him up today.
  2. I’ve seen some different reports of the weather there today where it looks nasty and others where it looks like just a light drizzle. So who knows.
  3. Ian Rapoport tweeting Colts think TY has a good shot at playing today, I have no idea how to post a link unfortunately. If he’s active I’m firing him up.
  4. Is a 2.5 yard loss considered minus 2 or 3 yards lol? Only in fantasy would someone worry about this. I wonder if it’s possible they leave it minus 2 and add an extra yard to the TE who caught the ball on 1st down for the Broncos? Either way this is interesting.
  5. Overcast and 48 degrees, based off watching the pregame show. Nothing to worry about.
  6. Yes yes I would.....joining the Samuel club now as I had to pick a WR off the wire just in case TY doesn’t go. He seems to have s decent enough floor and I could def see a decent game here vs the Saints in a potential shoot out.
  7. Oh no I agree with you, if we’re easy every team would do it, but running in the NFL is so tough. I’m excited to watch the game and see how it unfolds.
  8. Yeah Baltimore played an almost perfect game last week against them. I watched the gane and I haven’t looked at the time of possession but I’d imagine Balt won that by a pretty significant margin. I’m thinking SD tries the same thing Balt did and pound the rock against that defense, quite the crowd and dominate the TOP.
  9. This still makes me laugh every time I see this lol.He’s been on this schedule for a few weeks now, there’s nothing to see here.
  10. Yeah this is more than a bruise it seems...either way this doesnt seem too good for OBJ suiting up this week.
  11. I’m in the same boat as you, except I’m debating between A.Jones, JJ and Fournette ughh. I think if Gordon is inactive Jones is an easy sit for JJ though.
  12. I’m debating using them this week as they seem to play much better at home. I also have the Texans and have them in right now. This matchup is so tempting though but it’s def a roll of the dice with this team. Good luck if you end up using them.
  13. If Gordon misses where are people ranking him this week? Does anyone think he’s a top 10-15 play? I have Fournette for an example and idk if I could start him over Fournette.
  14. At this point I honestly put CMC in that matchup proof class...yeah he prob won’t have his best day of the year on the ground in this one, but the usage will be there and he’s going to do a lot of damage through the air like always.
  15. Jags play much better at home too it seems, how did they shut down Luck n company and then make Henry look like a HOF RB lol. But yeah the game flow will be much better in this game compared to that Ten game. He had 2 and 1/2 games of real solid production before last weeks dud. I’m firing him up this week and I’m expecting over 100 yards and a TD here. My expectations are high.