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  1. Elehuris Montero 3b STL

    Fair enough, though was a mini slump just following box scores but bigger picture is clear, can’t argue with that.
  2. Elehuris Montero 3b STL

    Little slump but looks like he’s coming out of it. Overall his BB% has slipped to 7.3% currently so would be nice if that went back up
  3. Wander Franco, SS, TB

  4. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    Choo-Choo! All aboard
  5. Keibert Ruiz- C Dodgers

    BP just ranked him 26th.
  6. Razzball Ralph's Mid-Season Top 100 Update

    No Elehuris, disregard list.... Good to see Wander Franco make the list
  7. Jason Kipnis 2018 Outlook

    Just plan on riding the lightening then! Deep league with a MI spot so it’s dry there. For me anyways.
  8. MLB / MLB Pipeline Top 100

    Lol, I had to pick back up Luzardo just cause of the ranking (hate carrying pitching prospects but can’t let a #22 jump sit out there).
  9. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    My kids babip is 1.000. Regression is coming
  10. Jason Kipnis 2018 Outlook

    Time to a take flyer if he’s been dropped imo. Sorry for lack lack of context but base score scouting the last 10 days or so plus reports of being over the injury have perked my interest. Perhaps others can elaborate.
  11. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    That blue part is Bartolo Colon. Cause we know Big Sexy has so many kids its common place now. And because he ate the rest of the pie.
  12. Colton Welker - 3B COL

    Maybe but the 7 HRs in Lancaster in 250ish abs is disappointing and it’s nit like he’s Wade Boggs. So basically we are crossing fingers hoping he changes his swing plane successfully even though there is not an indication he actually will attempt it. In addition to all the stuff Garlando touched on. Seems like more of a simple Col prospect stash and cross fingers at this point. But hey, that does work out well from time to time.
  13. Joe Musgrove 2018 Outlook

    Genrallly @AZ is good place to avoid pitching risks. So I understand the skeptism in this start.
  14. Joe Musgrove 2018 Outlook

    https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/fantasy-baseball-waiver-wire-a-new-side-of-joe-musgrove-shows-more-upside/ this is is a few weeks old but his velocity is up. Could be pirates are on to doing what they have been doing with pitchers...idk but interesting. With all injuries to pitchers I’d bet several are hoping he’s a improved version of himself.