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  1. If Conner is back, Samuels will be a non-factor. The Steelers do not use committees and they won't magically start because Samuels had a good game. You all who were using him as your TE will need to find a real TE to fill in his place.
  2. He wasn't even really part of the game plan at all. No catches until the 4th quarter. Just unreal. The Pats just are not a great team this year in general.
  3. He's really the perfect flex in PPR, good for 13-17 points each week. Just wish he got into the endzone more often. I really needed it this week.
  4. I need Michael Thomas to score less than 9.1 points in PPR. Not likely, but he has had two quiet games in his last 3 outings.
  5. You just never know. If anything, last night we learned that coaches who aren't used to playing multiple backs will likely stick to one. The notion that West and Williams would split carries with the other Williams never came to pass, and I think Samuels will see the bulk of work if Conner is out. Ridley may see 3-4 carries but nothing more.
  6. I traded Amari away during his byes, so I'm not so thrilled anymore. Got Gronk in return, but that trade may have cost me the title.
  7. With OBJ out, I hope for some clarity in the Conner situation. I don't expect him to play, but I have Samuels just in case. I can't see him out there Sunday if he doesn't practice at all this week.
  8. I can't imagine he'll be playing this week. Oh well.
  9. Opponent has Barkley, so if OBJ sits he hurts me twice as much as just not having him.
  10. He suffered two injuries Sunday. Hamstring and shoulder. If it was just shoulder, I'd feel better about playing him if active.
  11. Hoping for another good week from Brady and Gronk. He's been good against Pitt in the past
  12. Exactly. He could play a full game and be effective, or he could suit up and then decide not to go. Hamstrings are the scariest injury for in game aggravation. Unless he has a full practice or something, I won't play him.
  13. In PPR I just don't know if I can sit him for any other options. Samuels didn't look fantastic but neither did Ridley. I just hope for clarity soon. If Conner is healthy, I hope he plays, but only if he's healthy. Last thing I need is for him to tweak the ankle on the first drive and sit out the rest of the game.
  14. I can't see any scenario where you can trust him even if he plays after sitting out of practice all week. Sucks too because I also have Conner and OBJ who may sit out.
  15. Good to hear that he's doing better. I hope he has a good week of practice - if he practices at all. I still worry he'll re-aggravate his injury in the game though.