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  1. Probably wont see consistent production but a decent bye week fill in. I'm picturing the Chris Hogan that we all wanted but never happened because of poor chemistry between him and Tom.
  2. Juju, Vance, Conner/Samuel, Washington/Johnson with Rudolph throwing the rock. I love beating the waivers, I'm just a little skeptical at this point. Wasn't Moncrief out for most of the game last week and he still didn't do much?
  3. I'd love to pick this guy up but having trouble with his value. Inexperienced QB, #3 or #4 target on the team right?
  4. Words cant even describe how bad his pocket awareness is. That with terrible play calling/design. This team doesn't stand a chance against any decent defense.
  5. Finally... was beginning to think I was the only one with eyes.
  6. You are all banned for talking about kickers.
  7. Thanks for pulling the stats! There’s been some comments about sanders playing the slot. I actually think desean Hamilton plays mostly out of the slot now.
  8. Yes, definitely shut him down. Sanders only managed 11 receptions, 98 yards and a touchdown against them last week. Don't overthink it guys. This Bears D is still good away but not nearly as good as when they're home.
  9. I just don't understand the utilization of Sony. Obviously this isn't college but watching him at Georgia he seemed better used out in space. Now they're making him an up the middle plodder. Pats get a lot of things right. This is not one of them. Should've just kept Blount and spent the first on someone else.
  10. Dislocated and popped that sucker back in?!
  11. I just wonder how many more reports will come out about AB. This could just be the start. Especially if people start getting paid.
  12. Tennessee has a solid def. I certainly wasn’t expecting big numbers from him today. Better days ahead guys.
  13. Wanted to believe but can’t anymore. Time to go spend some cash on Deebo.
  14. He was targeted on 50% of those snaps though. Just extrapolate that out with more playing time and we have a league winner.... lol