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  1. Yeah, I've always been a fan of Allen's and thought he could at the very least get me consistent yardage in the face of TD volatility, but last 3 weeks don't even add up to 100 in yardage. And now he gets to face TEN and CHI back to back. Yup, there is no window
  2. Scored 50.1 pts in ESPN with Goff, Kamara, AJones, MThomas, KAllen, Hockenson, TEN D, and Slye who was my leading scorer with 13 pts(and the only one in double digits). This after scoring 142 the week before. In fact, it's been the most boom/bust team I can remember having, from W1-W6, I've scored 80/99/154/83/142/50
  3. Your words to Dallas' mouths! ๐Ÿ™
  4. Then Goff comes out and starts the 2nd half with a fumble putting him in - pts(though Gallup managed to corral a pass finally)
  5. Finally get to start Gallup and he has rubber hands, doesn't help Goff throwing for 27 yds at the half, opponents' Lamar, Godwin, Hill and Ingram killin me
  6. Was not feeling too hot having to play Ross over McLaurin this week and potentially have to rely on him to win my game on MNF. As it turns out, I have a 52 pt lead going into tonight w/ My Ross vs. their Schuster, so I *should* be good (you'll know where to find me if I'm not, lol)
  7. Thanks for the help on mine! I'd lean towards those two as well, maybe Chark if you're concerned about McLaurin's health. But I'm likely starting McLaurin tomorrow myself unless there's a downgrade pregame
  8. Thanks for the help on mine! I think it's a decent offer, I think your best chance is for HOpkins, as he's been more underwhelming thus far, compared to Julio. I probably wouldn't do it ffor Julio, but I'd consider for HOpkins(of course, I'm not that guy, so that doesn't mean much)
  9. Goff home to TB(I have Woods too if it matters) or a bit banged up Stafford home to KC? GOt an 11.8-0 lead thanks to Aaron Jones on THursday LEave links and I'll try and help in return!
  10. Yikes, was wondering why Dick Vitale had more stats than him. Hoping for the best๐Ÿ™
  11. This... plus editing out all the advertising
  12. All my games are wrapped up, but if Montgomery can stay under 34.3 pts, CHI D can stay under 64, and Allen Robinson can stay under 77, I'll take down a weekly high scorer bonus
  13. How has Olsen been with CAR backups? Any downgrade, if at all?
  14. Gotcha, I thought so, but I wanted to make sure. Yeah, I'm not sure it's worth it either. As for the trade, I have no experience in trading future picks. But I think it can be worthwhile, as it sounds like to want to go for it this year, and you have a good squad with which to do it. It would be nice if you could get a pick back too, unless you plan on keeping Kelce, but I know it may not be possible. My uninformed and inexperienced opinion is go for it, but take it with a grain of salt
  15. Thanks for the help on mine! @tts42572 did you mean to leave a link to a question(the link you left leads to Creating a New Topic)?