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  1. ***17 Year Dynasty League***

    One team filled. 2-3 more to go. First come first served. Trading Period still open. Waivers next. Free agents during off season... Go get some!
  2. We have a GREAT core group of owners! 30 mlb teams. You control your MLB teams farm system. Complete arbitration and free agent system in place. Trading voted on by our yearly elected "trade counsel". We have several owners with more then 15 years put into the league. Several more with at least 10 years. If you are thinking long term, this league is something for you to consider! Quick basic sign up to the proboards we use year round... Rules: Leave Sign Up Info: Check it out, we would be happy to have ya!!! Keep in mind this league is basically split into two leagues... one group of teams "going for it" and because of the extensive minor league system we have in place there are a good group who are building for the future. That basically means all teams have something to do all the time...
  3. Dynasty League In Our 15th Year Needs New Blood

    i pmed you. pick a team, lets get signed up!!!
  4. Dynasty League In Our 15th Year Needs New Blood

    GOT IT. go go go!
  5. Dynasty League In Our 15th Year Needs New Blood

    Still a couple of spots left. Go to the league questionnaire and leave your info. You will be offered a team within 24 hOurs.
  6. Dynasty League In Our 15th Year Needs New Blood

    I have had several owners ask about how to actually "join". Please go to : To actually sign up. So far so good. Thanks!
  7. 30 Team Dynasty League ***15 Year Old League*** URL: You own your corresponding MLB teams minor league system. We have a complete arbitration process and free agent system. We use cbssportsline as our stat collector (paid for by the league owner). If you looking for something long term, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!!
  8. Roto 5x5 All MLB represented. (You own your real life counterparts minor league system) Complete Free Agent System In Place. ($100 Cap Per Team) We use CBSSports for stat tracker (paid for by owner of league) A small hand full of teams are available. We are starting our free agent season now, so it is a great time to join!
  9. 13 Year Dynasty League Needs A Few Good Owners

    Only because I have been asked; We use a $100 cap. You pay $0.3 per protected Minor League Player. 1st year player is $0.3, 2nd is $0.5, 3rd is $1.0 and 4th-6th is based on a scale. After 6th, the player becomes a free agent. We do not trade cap money. We are currently in our waiver wire period, so it is a good time to join! We use cbssportsline as our stat site and proboards as our offseason / roster site. Everything is paid for by the commish.
  10. This league has been around for ever. We always seem to have a good core of 15-20 owners and 5-10 fringe owners. We figured it would be wise to advertise now rather then after the season. Right now we are in our waiver wire process, so trades can still be made... All 30 MLB teams. You GET your corresponding teams minor league system. Check it out! Great league with helpful owners. VERY competative. Hand full of teams "going for it" and a handful of teams building for the future!!! Go get some!