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  1. Detroits CUrrent Roster Available: C Austin Barnes 1.0 3rd 1B Miguel Cabrera 12.5M 2020 2B/1B/LF/RF/CF Whit Merrifield 3.6 4th SS/2B/3B Javier Baez 10.0 6th 3B/1B Ryon Healy 1.0 4th LF/CF Jacoby Jones 1.0 3rd CF/LF/RF Aaron Altherr 1.0 4th RF/CF Scott Schebler 1.0 4th DH SS Marco Hernandez (RedSox) 0.3M 1st 31.4 SP Justin Verlander 9.1M 2020 SP Trevor Cahill 2.0M 2018+ SP Tyler Duffey 1.0 4th SP Corbin Burnes 0.3 1st SP Shane Greene 1.0 5th SP Brad Peac*ck 1.0 6th 14.4 RP Santiago Casilla 1.5M 2018+ RP Carl Edwards Jr 1.0 3rd 2.5 SS Brenden Dixon (Dodgers #18) SP Brandon McCurry (Houston #20) SP Dakota Mekkes (Cubs) 3B Kevin Padlo (Rays #11) OF Garrett Whitley (Rays #10) OF Demi Orimoyole (Brewers #20) SP Paul Fry (Mariners #28) SP Austin Pruitt (Rays) SP Dylan Unsworth (Mariners) SS Anfernee Seymour (Braves #19) OF Sean Godfrey (Braves) C Kade Scivicque (Braves) 1B Kristian Brito (Mariners) OF Jay Baum (Mariners) The Farm (protected Tigers) SP Tyler Alexander #5 OF Jose Azocar #10 1B Dominic Ficociello #20 RP Adam Ravenelle #8
  2. So, with the idea of having some high end baseball cards become available I thought it would be interesting to see how the standings (and the draft order for the cards) would work out!#1 Rays 254 World Series Champ Leader#2 Braves 218.5 League Champ Leader#3 Angels 232.5 AL West#4 Royals 210.5 AL Central#5 Giants 205.5 NL West#6 Reds 180.0 NL Central#7 Yankees 217.5 ALWC1#8 Mets 194.5 NLWC1#9 Indians 186.5 ALWC2#10 Dodgers 178.5 NLWC2___________No Draft For Cards___________________________A's 184.5 Way Behind for division, but VERRRY close to a ALWC2 SpotOrioles 178 Less then 10 points away from ALWC2Cubs 176 Super Close to Reds For NL Central!!!Marlins 173.5 Very Close to Dodgers for NLWC2Padres 165 Less then 15 points away from a WC Berth___________Kinda Farther Away___________________________Most others from 138.5 and down.
  3. So, i was asked a couple of times already about the prize structure. No, we are not giving out an entire case of topps triple threads to each division winner. We purchase two boxes of topps tripple threads. We open them LIVE on youtube at a predetermined time. This always most owners to watch live. We emulate the MLB as much as possible. So, the overall winner (world series winner) gets to pick any card he wants from the two boxes. Then the league champ gets the second pick. The the division winners and then wild card winners based on their groups points get to pick all the way down. Generally that means that the top 2 or 4 teams in the league get vvery good cards, and the wild card players get something. Its fun just to get into this draft, hence making people want to compete.
  4. We use proboards and fantrax. Complete 30 team dynasty league. We have a full off season free agency period, trading period, and waivers. Each MLB team is represented and you would own that teams minor league system. We are looking for a few new good owners. We open 2 boxes of topps triple threads during the MLB playoffs and offer the overall winner the first pick, then down to the lowest point wild card winner. Give me a shout here or at the proboard site if you have any questions or interest!
  5. It would be a great time to join, as the trade restrictions are now off (as of July 1st) so all players can be traded, including free agents signed this off season. This is a complete dynasty league, and very much worth a look ! (IMO!!!) Any questions, give me a shout here or on the leagues message board.. Note: We use Fantrax, after 12 years of using CBS.
  6. Hey, Just a quick little bit about myself; Im from Long Island, 41 years old. Ive enjoyed a dynasty league i created since 2003. I now am looking to start a "big boy" version of that game... Do you have any interest in starting up a league from scratch? Currently my big overall questions are: 1. How to advertise something like this? 2. How to handle the $? (and have everyone feel secure about it) General ideas: 1. I would love to have 30 teams. 2. Probably set up a soft cap with a luxury tax. Maybe Dollars 1 through 150 no tax. $151 through $250 = 10%, $251 through 300 = %20... 3. Minor League system of the first 10 players = $1 each, 11-20 = $2 each, 21-30 = $3 ... 4. Owners could only spend what money they have already given (via paypal im guessing). No IOUs. 5. Prizes given to overall winner, League Winners, Division winners, Wild Cards. 6. A team must have a minimum amount of ABs and IP in a season. 7. Set up a trade council that will have the right to veto trades. 8. Free Agent players must have two years paid into the league at any time. So, a three year contract at $15 per year means that the owner would have to of put in $30 total. Basically trying to figure out a system to stop owners from just playing hard for one season without looking to the future, ie one and done. If they need to have some sort of skin in the game for the future they wont be as quick to split. Remember, this is built to be a long term dynasty league. Initial start up: 1. Divide the initial draft two ways a, Free Agents via auction style b. Arbitration and Minor League players via draft (snake style) These are some rules my other league uses that would also probably work for this league: Rookie eligibilitya. The RBL will utilize Performance Thresholds for determining “rookie” or “1st year” status for all players. Those thresholds are:-Any batter with fewer than 150 career MLB at bats will retain 1st year status-Any Pitcher with fewer than 50 career MLB innings pitched will retain 1st year statusb. Once a player has passed “1st year” status, they will continue to advance regardless of their MLB at bats or innings pitched at the rate of one year per MLB season (season spent in minors, playing abroad or missed due to injury continue to count against the arbitration clock after rookie status has passed) _____________________________________________________________ Contracts and arbitration c. Non-Guaranteed contracts for 1st - 3rd year players, regardless of statistics are as follows:First year (1st) $1Second year (2nd) $2Third year (3rd) $34th - 6th year player salaries are based on the previous years statistics as follows:Fourth year (4th) = %60 of calculated cost up to $7.0 or a minimum of $1.0Fifth year (5th) = %80 of calculated cost up to $10.0 or a minimum of $1.0Sixth year (6th) = %100 of calculated cost up to $15.0 or a minimum of $1.0e. 4th - 6th year salary calculator:20-29 HR = $1.0 million30-39 HR = $2.0 million40-49 HR = $3.0 million50+ HR = $4.0 million90-99 RBI = $1.0 million100-109 RBI = $2.0 million110-119 RBI = $3.0 million120+ RBI = $4.0 million90-99 R = $1.0 million100-109 R = $2.0 million110-119 R = $3.0 million120+ R = $4.0 million20-29 SB = $1.0 million30-39 SB = $2.0 million40-49 SB = $3.0 million50+ SB = $4.0 million.280-.289 Avg = $1.0 million.290-.299 Avg = $2.0 million.300-.309 Avg = $3.0 million.310 Avg + = $4.0 million16-17 Wins = $1.0 million18-19 Wins = $2.0 million20-21 Wins = $3.0 million22+ Wins = $4.0 million170-179 K = $1.0 million180-189 K = $2.0 million190-199 K = $3.0 million200+ K = $4.0 million10-19 SV = $1.0 million20-29 SV = $2.0 million30-39 SV = $3.0 million40-49 SV = $4.0 million50+ SV = $5.0 millionStarting Pitching ERA/WHIP scale (any P with 5 or more starts in a season)3.00-3.39 ERA = $1.0 million2.50-2.99 ERA = $2.0 million2.00-2.49 ERA = $3.0 million1.99 – ERA = $4.0 million1.20-1.29 WHIP = $1.0 million1.10-1.19 WHIP = $2.0 million1.00-1.09 WHIP = $3.0 million0.99- WHIP = $4.0 millionRelief Pitching ERA/WHIP scale (any P with fewer than 5 starts in a season)3.00-3.39 ERA = $0.6 million2.50-2.99 ERA = $1.3 million2.00-2.49 ERA = $1.6 million1.99- ERA = $2.0 million1.20-1.29 WHIP = $0.6 million1.10-1.19 WHIP = $1.3 million1.00-1.09 WHIP = $1.6 million0.99- WHIP = $2.0 millionf. Contracts awarded through free agency are considered “Guaranteed” for the length of the contract and can not be dropped at any time. (see section VII for rules governing Free Agents)g. Guaranteed contracts for players who retire can be dropped upon approval of TTC. The procedure for this is for the owner of the player to post the players name and current contract in the “trades / retirements” thread along with two links to sources reporting the retirement. Approval of the drop must be given by 3 members of TTC BEFORE the owner is allowed to drop the player and adjust his cap. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Free Agents Different enough that I would probably need to type out new rules, Something to figure out how to award the amount of years to a player and such... ____________________________________________________________________________________ Waiver Wire Basically MLB rules...
  7. We use fantrax. We replicate the MLB. Your team owns your MLB counter parts minor league system. Currently we would like to fill: Tigers Nationals Red Sox ***New owners are allowed to drop one "bad" contract into free agency. Also, we are about to begin our "free agent signing period", so it is a GREAT time to join!!!!
  8. Bump, looking for one or two more people to get in on the ground floor. We have alot set up at this point, email me to get involved!
  9. email me if interested. I will add you to the email chain so everyone can discuss and give input!
  10. Just to be clear, I am looking for owners who want to start up such a game.
  11. Also, just cause I wanted to offer a bit more info: 1. We would probably use Proboards for the general record keeping. 2. This would be a year round league, because I plan to divide up the free agents into weekly categories 3. One of my bigger questions is how to handle the money? I am hoping for 30 teams and the average team would probably get up to several hundred dollars per team? So... is there a way of doing an escrow account? Written contracts? Again... I am looking for the fun and competition, I am not looking to make any profit from the league (except if I legit win 4. The prizes should be broken up much like the MLB does its winnings; Overall Winner gets the most Winner of "Other League" (think NL and AL) Six Division Winners Four Wild Card Winners Perhaps small prizes for having an MVP or CY on your team? Maybe?
  12. The game plan is to build a true dynasty league. Replicate the MLB system as closely as possible. I am thinking roto scoring, probably 6x6 (to include holds). The attempt would be to get up to 30 teams (just like the MLB) and make 6 divisions (just like the MLB, based on the owners true location). 1. Full 25 man rosters with 5 SP'ers, 4 starting RP'ers, C,1B,2B,SS,3B,LF,CF,RF,DH plus bench. 2. Full Minor League system. 3. Full free agent System (I have ideas on how to implement it) 4. Full Arbitration System (I have ideas on how to implement it) 5. Money League. 100% of the money goes to the league winners. NO CAP. Perhaps a "luxury cap" just like MLB. The way I see it is with 30 teams playing, if there is a handfull of teams that "purchase" a super team, that is fine, because the winnings are still split by fair percentages. Basically, you can purchase a all star team for $600, but if you only win $500 at the end of the season, then it probably wasnt worth it? I have ideas to do a safe guard with the $, probably paypal only. Time Needed: I would love to be able to set aside on FULL Sunday to get the majority of the league up and "drafted". I have some special rules to make it make sense in the begining. ***The goal is to make a dynasty league that will last for decades. ***IF YOU ARE AT ALL INTERESTED, shoot me an email. Right now I just have ideas, not "rules". I figure in order to set up a league like this we will need to have a small group of decision makers to go along with the commish. I can say I would happily pay for the website (CBS Sportsline or Fantrax?). Again, I am today looking for a select few who are both interested in playing, but also interested in CREATING a league like this... EMail me for more details. EMail me any questions or comments!!!! Or feel free to post here...
  13. we use fantrax. Complete Dynasty League: Just going into our free agent season... We currently have the Nationals (with ALOT of cap space available) and Red Sox (Again, ALOT of cap space available) IF you might be interested, check it out! No $.
  14. Ive had a couple of people ask about the quality of this team. Please keep in mind this is a complete dynasty league (meaning all MLB teams are represented). This means that the starting lineups for each team should not be a fantasy all star team, but an actual good representation of what an MLB would look like. This team has two superstars in Sale and Altuve... not too bad to start with!