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  1. Used to be a quiet, nose to the grindstone, hard working 6th rounder. Success grew his head bigger than Barry Bonds at his roid peak. He's full blown TO now. Washington is the place to send him. They got nothing. Total retard and not worth the headache.
  2. I would assume Zac Taylor will use him like the Rams used Gurley.
  3. Someone is gonna be dumb enough to hand him money. That's what he's banking on.
  4. He was already stank garbage. This team is taking suck to a whole new level.
  5. He's a lazy bum whose running his a** off looking for one last payday. He knows this is it. Some dumb GM will buy into it. Once he gets the $, he will go right back to half assing it. Total fools gold.
  6. They always do, they play in the AFC East where there are no franchise QBs in the last 20 years other than Brady.
  7. Yep. If this was the 70s or 80, he would have been broken into pieces a long time ago.
  8. Bell would be dynamite with Crab Legs Winston and Arians. Crab Legs sucks at the deep pass so Arians will feed Bell the ball both in the run game and pass game.
  9. It's been a long time since this guy carries the rock for 2 consecutive series without coming out....maybe back in 2014...maybe never has in the NFL. He can never get in a rhythm. I'd like to see him used like Hunt in KC, Gurley or Bell. He's great at catching the ball so he should be sued as the primary RB. His biggest drawback is his fumbling.
  10. Jets are the favorite then the Texans. Colts bat the Texans and Mack played well so I would say they are not interested.
  11. As far as pass catching it goes like this: Chiefs- Bell racks up catches Colts- Bell racks up catches Balt- Bell is about a zero in the receiving dept and probably ends up on IR with a knee injury do to a horrible pass from Jackson. Texans- Bell is nearly a zero but catches about 1/2 his normal amount with similar potential to end up on IR. Coach Doofus still not understanding the value of that skillset Raiders- Bell racks up catches Jets- Bell racks up catches
  12. They would suck regardless of who is coach. Stafford is pure garbage and getting worse. He's a coward and throws the guys that would make any other team while the best Receiver gets 5 targets. Golliday should be receiving ad many targets as Hopkins in Houston but this gutless wonder is too much of a puss.