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  1. Some people get enamored with the numbers but the boneheaded plays will never go away. This clown is total garbage and wasted 5 years of the Bucs with his suckage.
  2. And that will finally get Rivera fired. sCam is garbage and done as an farce that he has been in the NFL. If he can't run, he's a zero.
  3. You're all in for a rude awakening as the season progresses and he has to play some legit NFL defenses. Who cant beat up ATL and score tons on KC? That midget in ARI had almost as many TD passes in one game vs ATL as he had in the first 5 games. KC stops no one.
  4. What is that stench in here? oh, is Stinkston. A walking hot pile of stank garbage.
  5. Whole lotta stupid coming out of the woodwork tonight I see. Set rookie record for TD passes in 13 games. OL now totally sucks. Play calling sucks. Called a draw on 4th & 9. When your OL blows, you have to call plays to get the ball out of his hands quick. Brought in a terdlet by the name of Monken who has sucked everywhere he has been to be the OC. Traded their best OL away. Great move there.
  6. If you can't sack this guy, your defensive game plan is beyond terrible. In case you missed it, they were berating ATL this morning on their horrible defenseive game plan. Atlanta has allowed a lot of quarterbacks to look like Pro Bowlers this year, but Deshaun Watson turned in a career day with as many touchdowns as incompletions on Sunday. Anyone looks like all world vs ATL. Hell, Mariota had 3 TDs against them. This guy sucks but give him all day with no pressure and he can look great. That Briskett clown in Indy had his career game vs ATL..
  7. Arians is too dumb to figure out what a TE can do for a team.
  8. This guy totally sucks. He waits until someone is wide open, thus he leads the league yearly is sacks. He holds the ball way too long.
  9. Arians is a moron. Jones is easily the best RB. Stud in the making.
  10. Arians incompetence and Winston's suckage are holding back Jones. The team needs tog et rid of both of them.
  11. Stick a fork in this terd. Finally CAR can try and find a legit NFL QB that can throw a football and make the players viable in FF.
  12. He's gonna get his a** kicked. At least 2 INTs. Plenty of stupid throws and bad throws. The guy is pure grabage.
  13. 3 throws in the EZ. Should have easily caught 2 of them and really should have caught all 3 for TDs.
  14. Horrible as expected. Any questions?