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  1. I refused to join leagues on is just unusable. I been on CBS for fantasy baseball and football for the past 6-7 issues. Well, their draft room needs updating but thats about it. Their app is decent as well.
  2. Mets, maybe. Arizona, nope. They're one of the hottest hitting teams right now.
  3. It is definitely rare for a super star like him to offer to do what he's doing. A lot of stars wouldn't cause they have that "I'm the star on this team, why should I? Even as a Mets fan, I can't help but be a fan of Freddie's now.
  4. Hes hitting his prime? LOL
  5. Last year, his wrist injury coincided with his slump. Now, who knows how healthy his back is...see a pattern?
  6. He stopped stress eating from trying to impress his teammate like last year, got in shape and thats that.
  7. If only he stole bases....*smirk*
  8. Nice. Freddie wants all the protection in the lineup he can get.
  9. Considering how often he gets into games, that is very good thing.
  10. What JJ1223 said. Reddick was expected to come back to an already crowded outfield.
  11. Shouldve known better but at least he gave you a HR for the week!
  12. You think? McCullers should be back this week, Keuchel next week. If he does get traded, let the speculation begin... Hopefully its to a team where he'll become an everyday OF on the major league level.
  13. Getting sent down sucks but not unexpected. Huge lead in the standings, all the vets around...
  14. Trea hasn't even hit HIS prime yet.
  15. No, I never said help. I said to try and prevent...theres a difference. On the field, even if your teammate is at fault, you dont hang him out to dry; you still stick up for him/them, cause "team". Then, once you're in the clubhouse/off the field, you smack the idiot upside the head *maybe not literally* and berate him. Noticed the rest of the team came out...they couldve just ignored and let Harper go to town on him.