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  1. Look who's starting at 2B
  2. Was really hoping he'd get those 10 starts at 2B to keep that eligibility for next season.
  3. Exactly. Hes the type of player you target the following season. He'll most likely drop to the 4th-5th rounds, maybe even later with the chance to perform like an fringe 2nd rounder again. SD will be better next season with all that young talent they have; ESP getting Tatis Jr back.
  4. Russell Wilson used to only have smallish receivers like Baldwin and Lockett. Hes going to love throwing to a big receiver like Metcalf; just throw it up to him deep and let him go get it.
  5. Smart managers wouldve scooped him up last week if he was still available.
  6. Im not in redraft leagues which is why he's still on my team. Cant really go into more detail about OF options or this post will get deleted. Lets just say in 12 team, start 5 OF leagues. there arent many options on the wire. Over the past couple months, I've lost the likes of Dahl, Pence, Domingo. I am considering benching him next week IF I make it to the finals. Gonna see what he does this weekend.
  7. It was bound to happen but for the ones who are still in it in fantasy baseball, it couldnt have come at a worse time. You know once we all bench him, he'll pop 3-4 HRs a week.
  8. Should be semi-finals this coming week for most leagues. Would you really trust him?
  9. See? This is the Mets, after all. Sat the last 2/3 games. Hopefully, its to give his calf a rest, that injury he had a couple weeks ago.
  10. Unofficially, Breida is listed as the starter, not Coleman. Tevin Coleman is listed behind Matt Breida on the 49ers' "unofficial" depth chart. Teams will always tell you these don't matter, but the 49ers had to list someone No. 1, and it was not their big free agent addition. Breida unquestionably had the more buzz-worthy camp. Both players figure to see at least 10 touches in Sunday's opener against the Bucs, but all signs continue to point toward Breida as the superior long-term investment. RELATED: Matt Breida SOURCE: Matt Maiocco on Twitter Sep 3, 2019, 4:45 PM ET
  11. Never understood people like you. Going by your avatar, you're a Packers fan which means you should know Rodgers is in the same division as Chicago. Teams play their division rivals twice a going to bench Rodgers both games? Minnesota has a tough defense too...thats another 2 games you'd probably consider benching. Why would you draft Rodgers if you'd consider benching him 4 times?
  12. Austin Adams. Had he not gotten hurt, he'd probably would have been the closer over Magill.
  13. In his MiLB thread, Chase Utley was being thrown around as a comp. Good luck with your matchup.
  14. Muncy will be out for the next couple weeks so 2B should be Lux's.