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  1. August Closer Thread 2018

    Well, that was quick and appreciated. At least for Rondon owners, its like ripping a band aid off. Poor guy can't catch a break. Thanks for the 2 months.
  2. Steven Souza 2018 Outlook

    Problem is they're treating him like some catcher, playing every 2 out of 3 games. Scratch that, some catchers play more than him.
  3. Gordon, Hunt, Fournette, Cook
  4. Altuve for Soto

    In a dynasty, the guy giving up Soto for Altuve is a moron. ...just saying.
  5. Julio Jones 2018 Outlook

    What are his averages when you take away his monster games? Sure if you count his monster games, you'll also need to count his subpar games and those possibly costed many their matchups. In my .5 ppr league, he had 7 games with less than 10 points. I'd expect a more consistent performer out of my 1st round pick and last year he was a top 5 pick. Julio isn't some 4th/5th rounder but he isn't a sure fire 1st rounder either.
  6. Drop Rondon for Leclerc ?

    Leclerc. Its his job ROSand doesnt have anyone to challenge him unlike Rondon (Osuna). Plus hes been nothing but lights out dominant.
  7. August Closer Thread 2018

    Uh oh, here we go. Rondon blew the save. Thats 2 in a row. Osuna watch in effect now...
  8. Wilson Ramos 2018 Outlook

    Point was its not a given he'll DH on days hes not catching on an AL team.
  9. Wilson Ramos 2018 Outlook

    He didnt DH much, if at all in TB this year.
  10. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

    With all the talk of exit velocity coming off hitter's bats on this site, just imagine getting on hit on your forearm by a baseball coming at you 90+mph.
  11. Taylor Ward 2018 Outlook

    Exactly. Point was given the dearth of options at catcher this year, hes a decent plug and play at catcher for fantasy teams at this point of the season. He'll even contribute SBs at the catcher position, a rarity.
  12. Taylor Ward 2018 Outlook

    Found a nice write up on reddit:
  13. Lourdes Gurriel 2018 Outlook

    I thought they bringing Jansen up for C with Martin at 3B.
  14. Adrian Beltre 2018 Outlook

    The posters above posted plenty of stats for him this year and after DL stints. Truth is his power is gone and his hamstrings just cant hold up.
  15. Adrian Beltre 2018 Outlook

    Its sad watching a future Hall of Famer not knowing when to hang it up: