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  1. Am I the only one: No waiver system? Trade was pending, if there was you shouldve placed your waivers in.
  2. got me all excited at first for nothing. NOTHING!!! LOL
  3. What? He left after 7 tied. Dodgers scored in the 8th.
  4. It be fun to watch though, wouldnt it?
  5. Or Colorado.
  6. Another one of his problems is getting his games to Kimbrel. That middle relief...ugh.
  7. At the time I swore off fantasy sports... The past week, I paid all my league fees for 2017, LOL!!!
  8. I was hoping no one would mention his name...
  9. Thurman Thomas couldnt find his helmet to start the Super Bowl against the Redskins. Getting destroyed by Dallas 2x, second game going into halftime with a lead.
  10. Remember guys, Showalter says SS is Hardy's job when he gets back *rollseyes* Hardy is slashing .211/.248/.308 on the season.
  11. This Nationals team must be cursed or something. Eaton, Turner, Taylor, Strasburg, Harper... Dont recall this many injuries to this many stars on the same team.
  12. My first ever NFL game I watched was the Giants/Bills SuperBowl and became a Bills fan till Kelly retired. *sigh*
  13. Think Tuesday is more likely.
  14. I play in 3 leagues only and the past 3 years, out of 9 possible championships I made the final game 7 of those 9. Record in championship games last 3 seasons? 0-7
  15. According to my CBS league, he'll be eligible for 2B and OF as of now with 8 at 3B and 4 at SS. He may have a shot at 3B, assuming your league has the eligibility at 10 games.