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  1. Unless your league is geared towards pitching with ridiculous scoring points, keep the elite bat.
  2. Just spitballing, how many of the people who hit the DL participated in the WBC? That DL stint lowered from 15 to 10 days has something to do with it too; instead of DTD, they get thrown on there cause its 5 days shorter.
  3. And for the rest of us who own him, thats 10 games at SS *DINGDING* Just nice to have that flexibility with SS/OF/MI. Now, on to 1B!
  4. It was more my opponent starts 3 closers so I went with 4...that leaves 5 spots for starters. Sale and Cueto are automatics, of course. To make up for my opponent's 6 starters, I stacked the 3 starters with 2 start weeks. I had a chance to swap out Amir for Vargas but I drafted Amir and after his 2 great starts and with Vargas facing MadBum, well there you have it.
  5. Black Hammer and White Lightning?
  6. Ah I see. Well, hope hes definitely back on Monday for that series...IN COLORADO.
  7. You believe everything you read in the papers/online? =) Front offices/coaching staffs are not always forthright in the statuses of their players. Believe me, I cant wait to plug him back in my lineup and forget about him, hopefully for the rest of the season.
  8. Now paranoia is kicking in...maybe he isnt 100% yet.
  9. Grabbed him last week but just couldnt start him against MadBum...oh well. 2 start week coming up!
  10. I call him the Yunel Escobar of OFers but Panik works.
  11. Holland owners might want to consider stashing Ottavino, just in case. Colorado is apparently generating tons of save chances and that early heavy workoad coming off surgery for Holland...
  12. I dont know what kind of league you're in but mine, there are no better pitchers on the wire.
  13. Grab Alex Wood and Ross Stripling wherever you can.
  14. As a Mets fan, cant say Im happy about that. Thats good protection but the 2 guys hitting in front of him; their OBPs are .309 and .182.
  15. If only Freeman had more talent around him...and on base guys ahead of him.