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  1. I’m buying cheap, getting him as a throw in on a deal, at that cost there is no downside...I’m gonna be throwing some lowball offers where I don’t have him as well, could be a huge upside guy for rest of season, if he gets hot he could win a few weeks when it counts and as a bench guy he offers multiple position flexibility too
  2. Passes the eye test for sure, hope he can stick with the aggressive play as that will be his path to more minutes
  3. Gallo is my backup SF/PF so id need to scour waivers for a new backup early on and Howard would be backing up Ayton and Kanter...would you do it?
  4. What’s up with cmart? Are his days as a starter over?
  5. I’m probably putting Acuna in that fringe group, much happier with him in 2 but I like him over a couple of your fringe guys listed
  6. Rode JD Martinez all the way to the top this year!
  7. Trubisky is awful, Bears offense taking leaps forward is not happening
  8. Outside of Howard and Cohen as a flex you can’t start any Bears it looks like
  9. Too many little dumps, they work when used sparingly, not every single play
  10. He did look really good before the injury, I hope it’s minor