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  1. Yes, he's safe to drop. You'll never feel comfortable using him at this point in the season.
  2. Stud. Hopefully none of you sold after the big week.
  3. You guys have no patience. Everyone has bad games. Gordon's going to explode against the weak Bear's defense.
  4. Interesting take. I think Rodgers leans on him this game. 8/100/1
  5. Anyone streaming him with Davante, Geronimo, and MVS out? Could have a big day.
  6. I don't care if he drops 10 long TD passes -- he just needs to catch 1 to make him worth the start. He's getting open and targeted enough to make that a high enough chance for me.
  7. Does anyone know how this works on ESPN?
  8. No way am I moving him. This is a taste of things to come.
  9. I couldn't be happier with his usage on his first week back. He's going to have big week 6.
  10. I'm holding off on Gordon for 1 more week. I wouldn't play him unless you have limited options.
  11. Loved what I saw tonight. Ton of passes, accurate, and had a TD that wasn't called. His INT was due to a WR mistake. All this in a hostile road-game environment. This performance quells my initial concerns and bodes VERY well ROS.
  12. Josh Gordon is to the Patriots as MVS is to the Packers.
  13. Not my greatest idea. Had a couple of INTs, but overall looked very good. The Giants pulled away early, so he didn't need to throw much. Expect bigger numbers from Jones in more competitive games.