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  1. Hopefully Wynn being activated off IR helps Michel out. If it doesn't, I don't what will but the Pats do need to establish a running game.
  2. I've had bad luck with kickers for the most part this season, doesn't matter who I put in it seems to never work out. I dropped Maher and picked up Fairbarn this week expecting a shootout between Houston and B-More and I get a big fat 0. I'm down 12.1 points going into tomorrow w/ only Hunter Henry left while my opponent is done. Must-win week, I'm currently in 4th and playing the team in 5th. This kicker position has pretty much plagued me all season aside from a few weeks where I had Prater but I had to drop him when Stafford went down. No matter what I seem to do, I almost always lose the kicker position. A bunch of teams in my league have up 2 to 3 kickers on their roster. I guess I have to pick up Justin Tucker in Round 12 next season but such a worthless position shouldn't kill me every week, not to mention the opposing kicker I tend to face lights me up weekly. I'm going to be bitter if I lose this pivotal match-up due to the one position I just can't get in right. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hooper being out means targets should go up for Ridley.
  4. Going with Raiders and actually very confident about it. Fairbairn may have been dropped in your league due to his waiver last week. I expect a high-scoring game against Baltimore and Houston.
  5. Between White and Drake for me. White is the safer choice while Drake is the boom or bust choice. Depends on how you want to go there.
  6. Allen is the safest choice w/o knowing Emmanuel's status for this weekend.