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  1. if you can get bauer over corbin i think its an absolutely. your SP would be lethal with 4 potential Cy Young candidates there almost certainly.
  2. 10 team h2h 5x5 with OPS instead of avg (hence why I dont care 1 lick that some of these guys are horrible average hitters). returning champ c - mejia/gomes 1/2/3b - carpenter 2b - odor ss - correa ss/3b - bregman of - jd martinez of - bentiendi of - pham util - abreu 1b util - gallo of bench - piscotty of, amed rosario ss, franmil reyes of, cj cron 1 na - tatis ss sp - bauer, flaherty, thor, eduardo rodriguez, bieber rp - giles, alvarado, greene, barnes, boxberger/peralta streamer dl - manea and morrow The league is highly competitive amongst the usual top finishers for saves so it is a must that I have as many as possible. I hate the thought of having 2 stacks of offensive players with my BOS and HOU guys, do you think I should explore a trade of bentiendi for hoskins (even though I drafted him 2 spots before hoskins went)
  3. damn you guys are super helpful and thats why i sought your knowledge here. thanks for all the input. If the owners were making a big stink i would have said redo and ill approve thanks to you guys. they did admit it was off and probably should have been the better deal that they worked out above.
  4. problem solved. the guy getting the better end kind of admitted he was taking advantage of his little brother (purposely left that part out lol). he took out lindsay and threw in tevin coleman. already approved.
  5. honestly i would have. in fact they actually just confused me and i thought it was going that way for a second. but judging on you guys, i am in the wrong so i may have to tell them they can do it after all if they cant find a way to balance it a little. i was looking at it this way... 2 top tier beasts for 1. AP line just took a big hit and lindsay is in a time share type situation but has produced. I might have gotten a little too focused on draft position vs production to date but looks like i am in the wrong here.
  6. I am a commissioner that usually only vetoes when there is a clear collusion (has never happened before actually). I had to say no to this one, but i don't think it was collusion just too imbalanced in my opinion. I did use some "football trade analyzers" before i said no, not that they hold much credit. .5 ppr league BTW team a (4-5) getting Zeke Michael Thomas Alex Collins Team B (2-7) getting Julio AP Phillip Lindsay way i see it is its 2 top tier guys (and actually the 2 best players in the deal) for 1 top tier guy and then just throw ins.
  7. Right now I haven't even considered it. Bell was my guy last year, never keeping a first round guy again. Only reason I did was to prevent the Kamara and hunt guys from getting him in the first of they got the top picks. My best value right now is probably mack if he can keep repeating Sunday like stats
  8. Dropping to 1-6, my season is over thanks to injury after injury. Looking to move bell to get a next year guy. 1 player can be kept in round he was drafted but only for that year. So this is a 1 year thing not a career keeper. Have an offer of guice (16th round) but I want connor (same guy owns him). He was always my target and would be a 13th rounder. But now I am getting an offer of mahomes (also 13th rounder). Am I dumb to even consider anyone else with what patty is doing right now?
  9. Yeah I would do it as well. Right now conner is the guy, freeman seems to be a td dependent time share. At least to can ride the bell storm if not better with a bell trade as best scenario
  10. I cant see sigs on my phone, but I would do that trade for sure. Gronkowski is leaps and bounds above the other te. What you're giving up are middle of the pack guys
  11. 12 team ppr 2 rb 2 wr 1te 1flex I'm 1-2 and probably screwed either way but would you accept ap and Ingram for my Mixon? Cam and carr Bell, Miller, Mixon, mack, ito Smith (I know and I started him last week and won) Watkins, Baldwin,Cole, stills,enunwa, Garcon (trying to drop for boyd on waivers) Olsen and McDonald
  12. thanks for the help in mine. we dont do keeper or salary leagues, so its a bit hard to weigh in. id say belt, pivetta, mejiam oneill and robles would fit nicely. then again im not really into the "future value" thing so take it with a grain of salt
  13. personally i think you dont necessarily need thor... and your reasons to trade are why i am skeptical to acquire as below. id take jensen for him. cole isnt a bad add in either.
  14. yeah man, you have the depth and need a stud closer on a great team. osuna fits that bill and buehler is a nice add on. id take it but i was never an archer fan, guy gets hyped every year but never delivers. the ks are nice and all but...
  15. i wouldnt. i think you can use those to upgrade at a position of need vs deep at ss with young talent already